10 beginner rummy strategies that can increase your winning percentage


Rummy is a strategy game; you can win the game if you execute the right strategy at the right time. There are many basic to advanced rummy strategies that can be applied to play Indian Rummy online. However, before you go ahead and execute the advanced strategies, you need to make sure that you cover the basics. Below are the 10 beginner strategies that can increase your winning percentage

#1 Go for Pure Sequences

Aim for Pure Sequence

This is the most basic rummy strategy, if you get a pure sequence while the cards are dealt, perfect! If you do not have the pure sequence, you should make an important decision whether as to continue to game or not. If you decide to continue the game, your priority should be to get a pure sequence.

#2 Discard High Cards

Discard High Cards

High-value cards that cannot meld as a part of set or sequence are an unnecessary burden. It is wise to discard your high-value cards first. This will allow reducing the total points you possess. In an unfortunate event of your opponent finishing the game, you will be left with minimum points.

#3 Value the Joker

Value the Joker

Joker is the card that you should give utmost priority in the game. Joker cards can change the fate of your hand. If you have a pure sequence and some connecting cards, you can do wonders with the Joker cards you possess. So, make a note of the Joker card when you start the game and do not discard the Joker card by accident

#4 Colour Matters

Colour Matters

Colour of the cards will help you to arrange the cards in order so that you will not be confused with the suits. If you arrange your melded sequences alternatively according to their colour, you can get an overall idea of the cards that you have.

#5 Value middle cards

Value middle cards

Valuing the middle cards can also help you in the game.  The middle cards like 5,6,7 are easy to be melded as compared to the high-value cards like A, K, Q etc. So make sure that you utilise the middle cards to increase the probability of melding the cards.

#6 Track your Competitors

Track your Competitora

Keeping an eye on your opponents can always be rewarding. If you can register all the movements of your opponents, you can make a significant decision during the game. You can discard the cards that are of no use to your opponents. Additionally, you can also get a brief idea on the cards that your opponents hold.

#7 Re-arrange your cards

Re-arrange your cards

While playing rummy, it is a best practice always to rearrange your cards. When you receive your cards all shuffled, the first thing you should do is to sort your cards. While you progress through the game, you need to make sure that you are always rearranging the cards.

#8 Drop if needed

Drop if needed

Dropping your game is not always bad in rummy, in fact, it is a strategy to drop the hand to get minimum points. If you think you have a bad hand at the beginning of the game or if you think you cannot meld your cards in the middle of the game, it is wise to drop the hand.

#9 Reduce the points

Reduce your points

When you are playing Rummy, your priority should be on reducing the points you have. Even if you lose mid-game, you can be sure that you get the least point. So from the beginning of the rummy game make sure that you reduce your points.

#10 Don’t Retain Cards

Don’t Retain Cards for long

If you are in the middle of the game and you are not able to meld the cards, it is better to discard and go for other options. So don’t wait too long for a meld, instead focus on reducing your points by discarding the high-value cards.

These are the 10 beginner rummy strategies. If you religiously follow these rules, you can quickly increase your winning percentage. If you were not aware of these beginner rules, share them with your friends now!

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