10+ Little Things That Remind us of Our Childhood


Are you a 90’s kid? If you are, you might relate to the little things that remind of your childhood. It is always a sweet experience to take a walk down memory lane. Remember those days when your mother used to scream while playing cricket outside skipping lunch? Sweet memories, right?

Spoiler Alert! I’m pretty sure that you will miss your childhood and feel that you shouldn’t have grown up. Well, at least I have felt that way 😉 Keep Scrolling!

#1 Colour Chalk

That excitement when the teacher asks you to take the colour chalk from the staff room!

Color chalk

#2 Card Games

We all had played card games like rummy when we grew up! We learned the tricks growing up! Play Rummy Now!

card games rummy

#3 Geometry Box

There were three types of Geometry box – Front benchers had Natraj, middle benchers had Camlin, and the back benchers had Joy Junior, and it looked like this:

joy junior Geometry box

#4 FLAMES <3

You knew that your relationship would work out if you got ‘FLAMES’ right! It was like your cupid!


#5 Milton Water Bottle

This guy had quenched your thirst and kept you hydrated more than you could imagine!

milton water bottles

#6 Carom board

Almost all of the homes had a carom board. If not, we all have a friend who has one!

carom board

#7 Hero Pen

You seemed really talented and matured if you had one of these! It was like your Royal Enfield, high maintenance, but worth it!

Hero pen

#8 Chutputiya (Roll Cap) Gun

Admit it! You never had so much fun with any other guns! This was an outstanding equipment!

Chutputiya (Roll Cap) Gun

#9 Big Babol / Boomer

Our mothers didn’t really appreciate this! But we got it anyway!

 Boomer & Big Babol

#10 Cassette

Remember the days when we used to tape the old cassettes with new songs?

casette rack

#11 Duck Hunt

Duck hunt was the super futuristic game of the 90s. Admit it; we all secretly hated that dog!

Duck hunt

#12 Casio Keyboard

We know when it’s time to show off and impress girls. We all knew how to play ‘Soldier Soldier’ with a single finger!

Casio Keyboard

Those were truly the days! Hope we never grew up.

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