Points to Remember while you Play 13 Cards Rummy

13 Points to Remember while you Play 13 Cards Rummy


13 Cards Rummy is a game of skill and it surely needs your time if you want to master certain skills to win more of this card game. Most of the pro players you meet in online rummy websites and other virtual rummy tournaments have dedicated their hours in practicing. If you are an amateur player, go through the 13 points below to make your online rummy gaming session hassle free!

Pick a Good 13 Cards Rummy Website

The first thing any amateur or an offline rummy player should do before joining any 13 cards rummy website is to do a research. Don’t fall for any ads that throw ads here and there, instead join those websites which your friends and family recommend of. You can also learn more about these websites and other exclusive features in popular review websites.

Go through the T&Cs

Every website holds different level of terms and conditions that decide how much openly you can enjoy the 13 cards rummy game. So, go through this important section to know more about game play, cash withdrawals and other major terms on player security.

Tutorial Section

Almost all the major websites have a ‘Help’ or ‘Tutorial’ section which can help you to learn different variants of the 13 cards rummy game. You can also use this section to polish your game by learning different strategies and tactics.

Practice Games

Practicing more can help you to gain more confidence when you are joining any major 13 cards rummy tournament. Always look out for a section to play practice games of different rummy variants so that you can join any tourney in the future and make some real cash.

Game Variants

Most of the rummy websites provide you with multiple variants of the rummy game. So, just search for a platform that helps you have your best time on any variant, be it pool, points or deals.


Online rummy is famous because of the amazing promotions. Once you have signed up with an online rummy website, go to the Promotions page and make the most of it to win more cash either by playing or just earning it as bonuses, cashback etc.

Rummy Tournaments

Tournaments are challenges that can make you use your best skills to win big cash. Always look out for special tournaments on the event of festivals as it is the time pro players will be busy playing for top prizes!


Lobby is the main section in any 13 cards rummy website and it should be easy to navigate. If you are not happy with the easiness to use the lobby as well as to find the perfect variant of rummy game for yourself, then it’s recommended you to try another website.

User Interface

User Interface, like in any other game plays a major role in rummy websites too. Most of the websites nowadays offers high quality interface with multiple language support which makes it super easy for a new player to join and know the rummy game.

Personal Profile

In online rummy, your personal profile is of high importance. Most of the websites ask for your name, e-mail id, address and also PAN card details if you are playing cash rummy. Some websites also allow you to choose an avatar and nickname which you will be using while playing games.

Comeback Bonuses

Certain websites offer players with comeback bonuses for returning to their website and playing cash rummy games. These offers are often send to the player via e-mail as the player is not playing on the website anymore. Once clicked on the mail, the player will receive a certain amount of money to play on the rummy website again.

Customer Support

As with any business that depends on its customers, online rummy websites also depends on their players and offers 24×7 customer support. So, if you have any query to be resolved, contact the customer support. Go through the customer service section before you join any website and learn how to contact them in case you find any trouble while playing.


Withdrawal of our winning cash can take some time depending on the rummy website you are playing. Always look for websites which credit your winning cash to your account in less than 24 hours. When you look into the Withdrawals section, also look for the safety of your cash.

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