Childhood Games You Can Play on Your Phone

3 Childhood Games You Can Play on Your Phone


We’ve grown up playing tons of games, and it’s a little sad that we don’t get to relive those childhood moments as often as we would want to. But thankfully, we have alternative versions of your favorite games that you can play on your phone and relive your childhood.


The first card game that most of us learned while growing up. Rummy is one of those games that taught us a lot about playing strategically and made sure that our brain got that much-needed exercise in our formative years. But then the time constraint and the whole concept of a nuclear family put the idea of playing Rummy on the back burner. Thankfully, we’ve come up with Junglee Rummy, which is the perfect online variant of your favorite card game. Download the Junglee Rummy app to:

  • Get access to tournaments giving you a chance to win tons of cash prizes every day.
  • Compete on Leaderboards to rank higher and win more.
  • Play skill-based games every hour with new opponents.
  • Get a real-life experience mixed with an opportunity to win big, real money.


We’ve all grown up playing Carrom with our cousins when spending holidays at our grandparents’. But carrying a Carrom board around does not make sense, and to get family members together to play a game is hard. So we’ve got the perfect alternative for you in the form of the all-new Carrom Club. This provides gamers with a unique platform to enjoy Carrom online in its brand-new, unmatched avatar with highly appealing graphics, enhanced, seamless gameplay, and a glitch-free overall experience. Download the Carrom Club app and enjoy:

  • A thrilling, enjoyable gaming experience.
  • Intuitive controls and irresistibly appealing, streamlined graphics.
  • Perfect player pairing based on the levels of gamers’ Carrom skills.
  • Absolutely foolproof security system to ensure player account and data security.


Pool is one of those games that your elder brother must’ve taught you to play and eventually you advanced to being a champ at one of those Pool parlors in the area. With the lack of time and closing of most of those pool clubs, the game has been restricted to those who take it up professionally. But with the launch of Pool King, it’s time for you to revive those memories while also winning cash in the process! Download the Pool King app and enjoy unlimited gaming. Here are some salient features of the game:

  • Advanced Physics that provides a thrilling, real-world gaming experience.
  • Perfect player pairing based on the levels of players’ pool-gaming skills.
  • Extensive Lobby with a vast variety of games and tournaments to choose from.
  • 100% legal to play with cash as well as for free.

Now that you have 3 games that will help you relive those childhood days, it’s time to get your hands on them and start playing!

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