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3 Effective Online Rummy Strategies


Online Rummy is on a rise and more and more players are trying their skills on this virtual game of playing cards to win real cash. It’s not that easy to be a pro player and earn cash from the game. You need to web your strategies and tactics to make your opponents play for you and help you win the game. How can you make other players play for you? Here are the top 3 effective strategies that will make you win the game.

Have a Check on Discard Section

Discard section of online rummy gives you a bird’s eye view of how your opponent is playing. By having a look on the cards your opponent is discarding, you can know what melds your opponent is trying to make. When you get a basic knowledge of his hand, you can discard the cards that are not useful for you as well as not to him thereby making it harder for him to make sets or sequences. In online rummy you can see the discard section underneath the game table next to your avatar.

Use Chat Box in Online Rummy

While this online rummy rules strategy might not work on big cash tables, this is a perfect way to bluff amateur rummy players. If you are on rummy tables with low stakes, you can initiate a chat and brag or bluff about your hand so that the opponent makes a mistake and reveal his cards. This tactics won’t work that much with pro players as they never as a whole concentrate on the game rather than socializing.

Discard High Cards

Discarding high cards like A, K, Q and J will help you reduce the points incurred on the game if your opponent declares the game before you. In a game of online rummy, you may notice most of the pro players most often discard cards like A, K etc. It not only helps to reduce points but also helps in making a pure sequence with higher probability.

Do you know you have a higher probability of make sequences or sets with middle cards like 5,6,7 etc rather than that of high cards? If you have a middle card like 6, you can try for a pure sequence with 6,7,8 or 4,5,6 or 5,6,7 where as if you have a high card like A, the probabilities shrink to A,2,3 or Q,K,A.

Hope these 3 online rummy strategies will help you polish your game. If you want to learn the advanced tactics, check out our page, Rummy Strategies.