3 Key Points Everyone Misses when it comes to Playing Competitive Rummy

Rummy is a game of skill, and many believe that they could ace the game and win every time using just skills.

However, certain external factors are crucial and can affect the way we play the game.

On top of that, these factors are so common that some of us don’t even realize that it’s affecting their gameplay.

In this blog post, we are going to look at three key factors that are stopping you from becoming even better at rummy.

Playing When Disturbed

Life brings along with it, its share of stress that tremendously affects our functioning in day to day life.

This holds for rummy as well. Some of you might think that this point is contradictory to the fact that rummy is a great stress buster.

Although it’s true that it’s indeed a great stress buster, it’s so when you play the game for fun and not when playing it for cash.

However, when you are playing in a competitive tournament, you need to ensure that your mind is calm and composed and that you are not stressing it too much.

However, if you are participating in a time-bound tournament and you believe that there is no way you can avoid playing the game, the best approach would be to compose yourself a bit by practicing a few breathing exercises before squaring off, to calm your nerves.

That way, you would have a better chance at playing the game minus the already existing frustration in your mind.

Try it next time, it helps!

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Drinking and Playing

Who doesn’t love a bit of partying now and then? We bet, everyone does from time to time.

However, that’s all good when you are playing rummy with your friends at a house party, not so much when you are participating in some top-of-the-line competitive tournament.

Drinking reduces our ability to focus and affects our reflexes in more ways than one.

Meaning, your responses will slow down, and that’s not good when you are facing off against equally experienced opponents in a competitive setup playing real cash rummy.

It’s best to play with a clear mind that’s sharp and focused, rather than one that’s high and slow to respond.

Leave the drinking for the fun times and when you do, drink responsibly.

Also, please never drink and drive. Always take a cab when the party’s up!

Not Playing Other Variants of Rummy

There is something called a ‘comfort zone,’ and we all experience it at some point in our lives; however, it’s that zone which prevents us from achieving greatness in our lives and becoming what we could become if we just stepped out of it.

You may love playing a particular variant of rummy games; however, it never hurts to try the other options as well.

We say so because sticking to just one type of game will familiarize you with just that version.

Of course, over time you will excel at that game; however, your strategies would only be limited to that particular version.

Playing other formats of the game will give you a better understanding of the various strategies that people implement and will help you incorporate some of it into your own game.

Trust us, sticking to the comfort zone will only stop you from becoming a better player, so next time, try the other formats as well.

You might not feel like it, but it’s something you should do to improve your game.

We might not be able to control everything that goes on in our lives; however, there are things that we can if we just paid a little more attention.

So, the next time you play, keep these things in mind and over time, you will get even better at your game.

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