3 Life Skills That Rummy Can Help You Develop


Rummy is considered a game of skill and can help you develop certain skills that will help nurture your life. While most people consider games and especially card games an anti-social element which can lead to wastage of time, money and social values, card games like poker and rummy has proved these claims are irrelevant and depends on the type of you are playing. In this article, we will be talking about 5 life changing skills you can possess while playing a card game like rummy both online and offline.



Rummy is great example on playing with patience. From the time the 13 cards are dealt to you, you need to patiently plan your tactics and strategy to gain a win. While most games need an aggressive approach to gain a win, in rummy, a player can win only if he patiently waits for the cards he need to create a meld. With patience, comes perseverance which makes the player stronger in difficult scenarios where he has to make a decision whether to drop or play on. The term ‘grinding’ usually used in poker for players who play for longer hours also comes because of their skills like patience and perseverance.

Strategic Planning

From the time the 13 cards are dealt to you in a rummy game, you need to be able to think about the odds of winning the game. If the odds of winning are less, you must drop out of the game which will allow you to play better in next games or you can play on to test your skills to an extent. In rummy, strategic planning is a must not just by looking at your cards but also by guessing the cards your opponent may have. This planning will help you in scenarios where forward thinking and calculation on probability is needed.

Practice & Dedication

Even if we are taught about these skills from our childhood in schools and colleges, little of us know the real value of it. Because of the games and as most games require you to play as many games to improve your skills, the practice and dedication skills is a must. In real life scenarios and also in a card game like rummy, you can’t ignore the value of these skills as it can help you reach and beat that big goals or objectives.

A rummy card game enthusiast can start his career from nowhere in any online rummy platform and can become a Shark or a pro player only if he practice more by joining practice tables, freerolls and cash game tournaments. The more he plays and practices with multiple players with utmost patience, dedication and strategy, the better his skills would be in upcoming future traditional and online rummy events as well as in real life!

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