3 Major Myths About Rummy


Being the most loved card game in India, the popularity of rummy is on the rise, but there are some misconceptions about the game. The advent of online rummy games has made it easy for players to enjoy the game any time anywhere. If you are a card enthusiast who loves playing traditional rummy, you can quickly switch to online rummy and play the game without any limitations that the offline variant put on the game and the players. However, there are still some myths about rummy.

1. Rummy Is a Game of Luck

This is the most common misconception about rummy. The fact is that rummy is a skill-based game and you need to acquire certain skill set to master the game. There are multiple ways in which you can approach the game, which makes it a strategy game. Players need to invest their time to learn, practice and master the skills required to win a game of rummy. Skills like your power of observation, analysis and calculation are essential to mastering the game. You also need to develop your ability to make wise decisions quickly.

2. Playing Cash Rummy Games Is Illegal

Many people think that playing cash rummy games online is illegal, but it’s just a myth again. Even the Supreme Court of India said in its ruling that playing online rummy with cash is legal and it is not gambling as rummy is a game of skill as opposed to a game of chance or luck. This makes it perfectly legal to play cash rummy games online under the Indian laws. Games of pure chance are banned in almost all of the Indian states, while the games of skill, like rummy, are legal to play.

3. Rummy Is a Waste of Time

Though rummy is a game, it cannot be considered a waste of time. Playing rummy has many benefits and it is a good brain exercise. Taking part in rummy freerolls (free-entry rummy tournaments) held online on rummy websites is not only exciting but can be profitable too, as you can win cash prizes by participating for free.  Beating your competitors using your skills is always rewarding.

These are the major myths about the game of rummy in India. If you used to believe in any of the myths, hope we were able to clear it out for you. If you have any rummy queries, please do email us at [email protected]

Keep playing!

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