3 Rummy Hacks You Should Be Using Right Now!


Online rummy is a game of skills and strategies and only the players who apply these successfully gains a profit from the game. As a traditional game, 13 card rummy games make people to socialize and to learn new skills which may be beneficial in the long run. Ever since the move to online platforms, the card game enthusiasts have now multiple options to showcase their 13 card game rummy skills. Online rummy has also eradicated many drawbacks of traditional rummy and has helped the players to enjoy the game seamlessly.

If you have play 13 online rummy games, there are many hacks in online platforms which will allow the players to strategize their game in a better way. Some of these online rummy hacks are as listed below.

online rummy hacks

Discards Section

One of the favourites of online rummy enthusiasts, the Discards Section allows a player to take a note of all the discarded cards by him as well as his opponents. This will allow a player to know what cards his opponents are looking for to complete their melds. If predicted well, there is a chance that your opponents will not pick any cards you discard on the open deck making the game harder for them.

Notes Section

Multiple 13 card game rummy websites allow players to take a note of their game while playing the game. The ‘Notes’ section can be found below the table you are playing in and is helpful to take a note of yours as well as your opponents’ picks and discards. Going through this note will help you to strategize the game you are in at present and also for future references. It will also give you a hint on the type of players you will be dealing with in upcoming tournaments at the specific online rummy site.

Know your Opponents

Knowing your opponents in any game can be the key to victory. Online rummy makes things much easier for any player by letting everyone know of a player’s stats. With a single click on the player avatar, you can know how many free or cash games a player has played and on which loyalty level a player is in. Playing cash game against pro players can be risky as they have more experience or may play seamlessly easy against amateur players. So, have a look at the players you are playing against before putting more money.

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