The 3 Most Popular Online Games in India

The 3 Most Popular Online Games in India


Did you know that India has the world’s third largest Internet user base? Yes, the 2013 figures released by Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) reveals that our country is next only to the US and China in terms of Internet usage. Many people find entertainment online and one such form of entertainment is playing games online. Several games come and go, while there are some that keep hundreds of thousands of people engaged for many years.

3 Top Online Games in India

Online Chess: Chess in India has been popular since quite a long time when Vishwanatha Anand, the Indian chess player became the Grandmaster in 1988 and then Won title of World Champion of Chess five times. Before that, the classic game of chess has always been a status symbol of the elite. Now chess is not limited to any class, and has been played online against a machine or against other enthusiasts. Chess is a 2-player game, and there is not much variation in the rules that apply. It is a game that calls for great logical reasoning and can be fairly slow-paced. People who love tough challenges and strategic thinking opt for online chess. There are different levels of the game, which one can choose depending on whether one is an expert or a beginner. The graphics of the game are typically quite basic, with the detailing being focused on the chessmen. There are thousands of players playing chess online in India, however, only a few gets ranked up to the grid. As of today, World chess federation has enlisted 32 active Indian grandmasters who take up the game of chess on international grid.

Online Rummy: Over the period of time, card players in India have uplifted their skills and they switched from merely playing solitaire on PC and mobile to multi-player rummy game online. Rummy, is an exciting card game that has entertained people of all ages. Apart from the thrill of playing the game, there is the added joy of winning cash or attractive prizes. The game is not complex, and there are online resources available that can get beginners up to speed very quickly. Opting for sites that have good graphics and security of financial transaction would hold you in good stead. Rummy is a multiplayer game and one can interact with different people if one chooses to do so. At, you can get a bonus package and other exciting offers that are sure to make the game even more interesting. You can play rummy games 24×7 online with dedicated player support available over phone and email.

Flash Flight Simulator: Whether or not one is aspiring for a career in the aviation industry, this game can be rather engaging. It is a simple game, once you understand the rules and techniques to follow. You can fly different types of aeroplanes. The game has diverse piloting tests, the simplest being take-off and landing. You will need to have a high level of concentration to get ahead in this game. A steady hand and fast fingers will help you immensely.

While the games are many, make your choice based on a game that will keep you engaged for long, with many variations to offer. This is one of the reasons for the popularity of online rummy.

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