3 Reasons to Invite your Circle of Rummy Friends


Rummy is a skill based card game played with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 6 players to have unlimited fun. The game will get more entertaining if you have acquaintances or friends on the same table you are playing in. As rummy is a game of skill, the more you know your opponents, the better you will be in strategizing the tactics during game play, especially in online rummy tables and tournaments.

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Rummy as a traditional game from India, most of us grew up playing this game with our family members and friends during special events and festivals. So, inviting your circle of friends to the online rummy tables is a good idea to have extra fun than playing with strangers. Also, a feature like chat is enough to tease your friend every time he loses which brings the element of endless laughs.

In this article, we will be talking about the 3 reasons why you should play more with your friends by inviting them to the online rummy website you are playing in. Let’s start!

1. Online Rummy Friend Referral Rewards

Most online rummy websites offer an amount as reward to the player who invites his contacts to the rummy website. The invite can be done by sending an e-mail to contacts as well as by using social media platforms like Facebook and Google Plus. The other methods to adding your friend circle include inviting via phone contacts, Whats App etc. All in all, referring your friends to an online rummy website is a great way to get free cash whenever your friend joins or makes his first deposit or starts playing cash games which vary depending on the website you are playing in.

2. Social Gaming Remastered

Online rummy games are nothing but a remastered version of your favourite traditional rummy card game that you grew up playing with your friends and family. As a reliable source of entertainment as well as improving your basic skills, the more you play this game with your social circle, the better you will get in improving your social as well as other skills. What better way you have got than inviting your own good old friends for a game of rummy!

People play and spend time on websites which they think is trustworthy. Once you spend your time on any rummy website and start having fun and earn real cash, your invite to your friends shows the trust factor you have on the particular site. As your friends trusts you, you can sure of them accepting your invite and having a good time with your friends once they register.

3. Improved and Efficient Rummy Skills

You might remember the first time you played 13 cards rummy. Everyone start as an amateur, learning the basics from friends or family members and later polishing the skills to become a pro player. The online rummy platforms give you a platform to engage and converse with your friends all at the same time you are playing with them. Your friends can teach you anything better than anyone in shortest time possible and rummy card game is no different. If you ever want to learn a simple card game like rummy, you can join any rummy website but to master the game and to upgrade your skills, you may be in need of your closest of friends.

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