3 Simple Questions to Help You Choose between Free vs Cash Games


Rummy is undoubtedly a feel-good game to play. No matter where you are, how busy you are, a quick round of rummy games could be as refreshing as the early morning due. For people who always want to take a break from their hectic lives, rummy proves to be the best stress buster you could think of. And to top it all, you could enjoy this game with your beloved ones too.

3 Simple Question Free and Cash Games

Online rummy sites offer the best experience when it comes to Indian rummy. Whether it is the 13 card game of the 21 card game, you are always assured of complete entertainment. But, are you still confused about choosing between free and cash games? Try finding answers to the below questions.

1. What is your level of expertise?

If you have been playing rummy for a while now, then you should be reasonably skilled in making your moves and winning them. However, if you have just started playing you may need to practice before you go full throttle in the game. Especially if it is a 21 card rummy game, the level of complexity is higher than its 13 card counterpart. Free games help you to build confidence in your skills before you start playing cash games. Hence, it is best advised to practice few free games initially.

2. What is your primary objective of playing?

Rummy games require skill irrespective of which variant you play. However, playing rummy 21 cards require you to be a more seasoned player. Playing rummy does not always mean winning cash rewards. People play rummy for pure fun or adrenaline rush while some of them prefer to pursue cash games for the prize money and challenges. Ultimately, it is your objective of playing the game that decides whether you play free games or switch to cash games. Therefore, be clear about your expectations from the game.

3. Do you have the time and effort needed?

It goes without saying that cash games are for the serious players. People who are masters of rummy and those who would like to take their gaming skills to the next level always choose to play cash games. They always perceive 21 card games as the ultimate challenge. These people invest considerable time and effort by playing regularly in order to maintain their rummy skills razor sharp. But, if you have either time or effort constraints or both, and perhaps you perceive rummy more as a mode of relaxation, then undoubtedly the free games are cut out for you. There are tournaments and competitions in free games too where you could win cash prizes as rewards to give you that feel-good factor again and again.

4. Play rummy – free or cash games

A game can be enjoyed only by playing. In case of rummy, either you start with free games and then graduate to cash games, the game still does justice to you by giving you enough challenges and a thrilling feeling. The gradual move from 13 card games to 21 card games goes to show that playing rummy is more important than anything else.