3 Things That Make Us Better Than The Rest

3 Things That Make Us Better Than The Rest


Junglee has been at the forefront of building a great rummy experience for fans of the skill gaming genre and our relentless effort to offer the best game along with impressive user experience has made us push the envelope time and again.

Let’s look at 3 things that make us stand out

Unique Formats

We pioneered the MTT (multi-table format) in rummy which is a fast-paced format for pro-level players, this format not only introduces players to a more challenging format of the game but also pushes them to think and act fast. The flash tournament goes a bit further and brings the clock down to halftime, which means more action in less time. But that’s not all, only on Junglee Rummy you also get to experience the 2 winner format. Try them all out today.

We Engage and Deliver

Our players are some of the most engaged in the rummy community, thanks to our outreach efforts where we give them a platform to share their views with us in order to improve the game even further. Moreover, we offer one of the highest prize pools in the industry coupled with additional prizes such as cars, bikes, and much more.

Fastest Withdrawals

We can’t stress enough on this one, because it’s something that you have to experience first-hand to believe it. We are industry leaders when it comes to withdrawals and there is virtually no one else who offers withdrawals at such lighting speeds. In short, all your winnings get transferred to your account in a jiffy with no blockage whatsoever.

If you that’s not good enough reason to download the Junglee Rummy app and start playing today, we could literally give you a hundred more reasons as to why we are better than the rest. But, the best way will always be to give us a shot and finding out for yourself, isn’t it?

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