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4 Interesting Games You Can Play at House Parties


When you plan a party at home, you’ve got to plan every bit in detail. From the guest list, food, beverages, conveyance to entertainment, everything has to be taken care of. The better you have planned, the more enjoyable and entertaining will the party turn out to be. While food and beverages get taken care of usually as they top the priority list, what often puts you in a real fix is the entertainment department. If it is an exclusive group of teenagers or your colleagues or friends, it’s quite easy to come up with something specific to that group. But when your guests include the elderly, men, women and children, that poses the challenge of taking care of the interests of different groups.

Let’s reduce your anxiety as we have a mixed bag of entertaining games that you could engage your diverse guests with. Make sure you participate too, and be a sporty host.

  1. Chinese whispers

Chinese whispers is popularly known as telephone in the United States. You could have your guests stand or sit in a line. To begin with, the first person whispers a message into the ear of the next person, and so on, till the message is whispered to the last person in the line. Then the last person announces the message to the group. The first person then compares the original message with its final version. More often than not, by the time the message reaches the last person, it is distorted, usually into a humorous expression, leaving the group in utter amusement and laughter. The interesting part of this game is that all your guests can take part and have great fun.

  1. Dumb Charades

This is the quintessential pastime of teenagers and youngsters. Being a favorite game of most of the people, it has the ability to rejuvenate a boring party too. Here one member of the group enacts a particular movie, phrase, title, etc. while the others guess its name.  Popularly played with movie names, this is one fun game that leaves you in splits and gets the party rocking.

  1. Evergreen Favorite Rummy

A must-have game on a party list, rummy is not just entertaining but challenging too. The cool part of Indian Rummy is that anyone and everyone can start playing immediately after knowing rummy rules. It’s that simple! Now with online rummy games available on smartphones too, you can enjoy the game at any time of the day and wherever you wish to do so. If you are new to online rummy, with how to play rummy videos and guides available online, you can get started in no time.

  1. Two Truths, One Lie

When you’ve got to drag every guest of yours to the entertainment zone, you bet this one could help you do that. Here each person writes two truths and one lie on a piece of paper. Turn by turn, the participants go about randomly telling two truths and one lie about themselves, and the others have to guess the lie. It is a fun and entertaining way to know interesting things about others.

All set to host the party now? Then let the party begin! 

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