4 Scenarios to Drop Your Hand in Rummy


Rummy is a strategic game and should be approached with strategically to overpower your opponents. Your decision-making skills go a long way towards the success of your game.  If you can map the information precisely and execute the decision confidently, you can have an extra edge in the game of rummy.

When you decide to play rummy online for cash, you need to identify a strategy that is most likely to help you win the game. In fact, even dropping a game can be considered a strategy in rummy. It is your skill to make a decision at the right time that matters. Below are some scenarios where you can drop your hand to be safe in the game.

#1 No pure Sequence & No Joker

No Pure Sequence and Joker

The decision to continue a game of rummy depends on the cards you are dealt with. Once you get the cards, the first thing that you need to check is whether you have a life (Pure Sequence). If you have no pure sequence or Joker, the best move will be to drop your hand before making a move. This will put you on a safer side with minimum points.

#2 One pure Sequence & No Joker
One Pure Sequence and Joker

A pure sequence is the most important meld that every player should aspire. The next important thing to note is the presence of Joker cards and connecting cards. Even if you have a life and you do not have Joker or any connecting cards, it is better to drop the hand to be on the safer side. If you are playing with expert rummy players, chances are that the game will be finished in one or two turns.

#3 Points Compared to Your opponents

Points Compared to Your Opponenets

While you are playing points rummy with your opponents, you can always check your points and your opponents points. If you have decided to go with your hand and you are in the middle of the game, you need to check the points to decide whether to continue to game. For example, even if your points are less than your opponents and you do not have a life or Joker, it is better to fold to be safe as you can lose that hand.

#4 Greater Points than Middle Drop Points

Greater Points Than Middle-Drop

Once you are in the middle of the game and you need to decide whether to continue the game, you can calculate th points to make a decision. If the points of the cards your possess are larger than the middle drop points, it is better to drop the hand and safe with the lowest points possible. Especially, if you have completed 2 or 3 turns, it is better to drop for minimum points.

So, now as you know that dropping is a strategy, what do you think is the best strategy to drop the game? Comment below what you think would help save your game. Please do let us know your queries on the games that are hosted in Junglee Rummy at [email protected]

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