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4 Things to Understand About the Open Deck and Closed Deck in Rummy


A deck of cards is essential to any card game, but in skill-based games like 24×7 rummy, every card has great significance, especially in the 13-card rummy game, which is a draw-and-discard game. The objective of the game is to arrange the 13 cards a player is dealt in sets and sequences.

At the beginning, each player is dealt 13 cards. On his/her turn, the player has to pick the 14th card and immediately discard one from his/her hand.

  1. Closed Deck or the Stockpile

Cards remaining after dealing 13 cards to each player are put face down on the table. The pile or deck formed by them is called the closed deck because the players are unable to see the value of the cards in that.

Every card you pick from the closed deck is full of surprise because you don’t know the value of the card before picking, and your opponent is left wondering and guessing about which card you picked up.

As one of the best practices of rummy, it is advisable to pick cards from the closed desk as your opponent will not know which card you have picked. But if a card on top of the open deck helps you form a sequence or set, don’t hesitate to pick it.

  1. Open Deck or Discard Pile

Alongside the closed deck, you have the open deck or the discard pile. On his/her turn, each player draws a card and discards one. The cards discarded by players form the open deck or the discard pile. Picking cards from the open deck gives clear clues about the possible melds you are working on.

A smart rummy player will be able to read your probable melds based on the cards you pick from the discard pile, and sometimes even on the basis of the cards you discard, so you should be very careful while picking and discarding cards.

Also, you must have realized, most of the rummy strategies are based on the cards discarded by the opponents and cards picked from the open deck by them. So be careful and do not give out too much information about your melds with the discards.

  1. When No Cards Are Left in the Closed Deck

At times, you come across situations where all the cards in the closed deck have been used. If there are no cards available in the closed deck for drawing, the cards in the open deck are reshuffled and placed face down to form the new closed deck. However, in online rummy, that happens automatically and you don’t have to reshuffle the cards manually.

  1. Cards of Players Who Drop Out

In 24×7 rummy games, you’ll often find players opt for either an initial drop or a middle drop. If the cards in the closed deck are completely used up in such games, the cards in the open deck alone are reshuffled and used again. In no situation will the cards of the players who dropped out of a 24×7 game be used in that game again.


In 13-card rummy games, both the open deck and the closed deck of cards play a crucial role. Wise and skilled players use them to their advantage.

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