5 Common Misconceptions About Rummy Games


Rummy games are now one of the most played card games competing inch and inch with games like Poker and Blackjack. Being a traditional game from India, the game rose to popularity a decade ago when online gaming platforms started adding this skill based game into their array of games. Since then, the number of players enjoying this game has risen and we expect it to get more popular due to faster internet services and stable online mobile rummy apps.

Although the game is considered as a skill based game, there are multiple misconceptions that are hampering the growth of the game to a global level. Some of them are listed below to clear away any doubt in case you feel skeptic about Indian rummy games.

rummy games

Rummy Games are Illegal

Rummy has been declared as a game of skill by the Honorable Supreme Court of India and therefore, it is completely legal to play this game for free as well as for real money. When you are playing rummy games you are not doing any betting or gambling but are playing with the 13 cards you hold. It is the skills and strategies you apply during the game to create melds win you the game and not the cards you get.

Rummy Games are Luck Based

It is a common misconception that all card games are luck based and thus rummy games also falls into this category. Unlike other card games, when the 13 cards or 21 cards are dealt to you, you need to make sets and sequences in minimum time which requires your unique skills and strategies. As with any skills or strategies, improving on this game needs you to practice on a daily basis and on multiple formats of the game. The only element of luck in rummy games are the cards dealt to you by the dealer.

Rummy is a Waste of Time

This misconception is prevalent with people who think gaming is a waste of time. Unlike other games that we play for fun, rummy is a great way to improve certain skills and also to earn some real cash. The game comes with an element of adrenaline rush and the sheer joy of winning games which makes it one of the best in card games.

Rummy makes you Addicted

We can say that almost all good games are addictive. When it comes to rummy games, you can limit your gaming hours by joining only the tables and tournaments you are willing to by making a budget for your gaming session. You can also opt to play a certain variant or format of the game to limit your addictiveness to online rummy. Another good option is playing only on a particular platform like desktop or mobile rummy apps control your appetite for gaming.

Rummy Involve Real Money Games Only

Rummy games have moved away from the common notion of traditional game to a global game not just because it involves real money games but because even children can play it for free. There are multiple websites and apps that allow you to play rummy on mobile for free. As a new player, you can join any of the online rummy website for free and can practice your game on freeroll tables until you get confident of playing on cash tables.

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