5 Funny Problems of Every Rummy Player


There are many rummy enthusiasts in India. Being the same ourselves, we cannot resist but share some of the problems that we face as everyday rummy players.

Rummy is a fun game to play, but as you know with fun comes some problems. As online rummy games have gained popularity over the years, there has been a commendable surge in the number of players from India.

Below are some of the funny troubles that are faced by the new players as well as veteran rummy players.

Problem #1: The Never Ending Wait for the Joker

Waiting for a Joker in Rummy

If you have played rummy, you will know that how desperate players are to get a Joker while picking up a card from the closed deck. ‘Joker’ is the most anticipated card while dealing and drawing cards.

And yes, there are some days where we get 3 or more Jokers, but we will be waiting for the pure sequence. I’m sure that if you have been playing rummy for quite a while now, you will know what I’m talking about.

Problem #2: Late to Register for Tourneys

Rushing to Rummy Tournaments

Have you experienced that feeling, when you want something really bad, but you miss it because you were late? Exactly – Online rummy tourneys is one such example as there are only a limited number of seats and they fill up pretty fast!

Especially, if you are planning to register for a festive freeroll rummy tourney, the chances are that you will not get the seats if you are not judicious of the time!

Problem #3: That One player who takes forever to make a Move

Waiting for Opponents to Play

We all have come across this more than once while playing rummy. Whether it be online or offline rummy, there will always be that one player who takes forever to draw and discard a card!

There is nothing much that you can do but wait for him to make a move. But, if you are playing online rummy, you are in luck. Players get extra time only once in a game, and when that player uses his extra-time, he will miss his chance in that round.

Problem #4: Discarding the wrong card in a hurry

Discarding the wrong card in Rummy

Admit it; we all have done this at least once. When you are on fire and all pumped up to make a move, the chances are that you might mess it up by discarding the wrong card – The biggest regret of life!

This can happen especially if you are playing 21 card rummy game. You can easily correct this by arranging your cards accordingly and giving some focus to the cards you possess.

Problem #5: Making the wrong declaration without thinking twice

Wrong Declaration in Rummy

This is similar to the previous issue of discard the wrong cards. When you believe that you have got all the cards that it takes to make a legit declaration, and you miss than sneaky card hiding in that set of yours! Yes, the moment of truth – WRONG DECLARATION – 80 Points – BOOM!

If you spend some time validating and scanning the cards you have meld before making a declaration; you can prevent this from happening.  So, next time make sure that you make it right.

If you can relate to any of these common rummy gaming ‘problems’, congrats! You belong to a very big percentage of rummy experts who do this on a regular basis 😉

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