Movie Scenes Where 'Life Ke Funde’ Failed Miserably

5 Hilarious Movie Scenes Where ‘Life Ke Funde’ Failed Miserably


We all hold notions that there are certain things that never fail no matter what the situation. But have you wondered what happens if your carefully crafted escape plans or that sure shot excuse fails?

Let’s look at a few movie scenes that clearly depict what happens when you have everything set, but life has other plans for you.

When You Are Trying to Save Your Friend, but….

This scene from the movie ‘No Entry’ hilariously portrays what happens when someone thinks he has everything under control. Well, life clearly has a way of putting boulders along the way and have you hanging by a thread, or in this case, by a leg.

Source: No Entry

When You Want the Stolen Diamonds, but…

This scene from the movie ‘No Problem’ shows how many a times even mob bosses can mess things up. Watch this one to see how a tried and tested torture method failed and had hilarious consequences.

Source: No Problem

When You Want Chicken Biryani, but…

This scene from the movie ‘Run’ is iconic. The best part is it involves India’s most loved food – chicken Biryani, or is it? Find out for yourself!

Source: Run

When You Are Strolling in the Park, But…

This scene from ‘Mr. and Mrs. Khiladi’ shows what happens when you trust a stranger blindly without being rational. What happens if you do? See for yourself!

Source: Mr and Mrs. Khiladi

When You Are Expecting Riches, But…

This scene from the movie ‘Delhi Belly’ hilariously displays what happens when you are expecting riches, but end up getting (find out for yourself).

Source: Delhi Belly

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