5 Interesting Facts about India’s Republic Day Parade


Republic Day is the celebration of the Indian Republic and by far one of the biggest Indian festivals.

Republic Day is not only the celebration of our constitution, but it’s also the celebration of being Indian.

We all feel a sense of pride when the national flag is hoisted every year on 26th January, but did you know that approximately 2 lakh people go to Rajpath in New Delhi to watch the parade that’s a celebration of the vibrant democracy that India is.

In this article, we will look at a few interesting facts:

An Early Start

We all love our blankets in the cold wintry mornings and would rather stay in it than get out of bed. However, it’s an entirely different story for thousands of participants who take part in the parade each year.

Participants wake up and get ready by 2 a.m. and arrive at Rajpath by 3 a.m.

Practice for this spectacle begins as early as July in the previous year.

Every participant from all over the country is informed a year in advance, and they reach Delhi by December for the parade.

By 26 January, they have already practiced for 600 hours before the final event held on Republic Day.

Loading out the Big Guns

The tanks, armored personnel carriers and other armored vehicles are parked at a special camp near the India Gate.

They exhibit the firepower of the Indian defense forces, and each cannon goes through 10 stages of careful examination before the final event.

Ensuring Safety and Security

All of us know that managing such a huge event is not only a logistical nightmare, but also a gargantuan task from a security perspective.

Therefore, it shouldn’t come as a surprise if we told you that all the defense personnel there have to get four levels of security clearance before making it to the parade.

Moreover, every weapon is thoroughly checked to ensure that there are no live rounds.

It’s No Small Walk

Every group has to cover a distance of 12 km. However, on the day of the event, it is reduced to 9 km (still no small feat).

Throughout the entire event, the groups are judged on 200 parameters and then one of them is accorded the title of the “Best Marching Group.”

The Grand Finale

The fly-past is by far the most visually stunning of all the views, and a large number of people gather to watch it.

Did you know that the Western Air Force Command is in-charge of the fly-past consisting of 41 airplanes?

The synchronicity is such that even though the airplanes take off from different places, they all reach Rajpath at the exact same time.

Food for thought, isn’t it?

Republic Day is just around the corner, and we, at Junglee Rummy, salute the spirit of India and our bravehearts.

We hope you enjoyed reading these facts about the Republic Day Parade as much as we enjoyed writing them!

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