5 Reasons why Online Rummy is better than Offline Rummy


People have different perceptions of spending their free time, but indoor sports have always been on the list. But what will you do if you do not have a partner to play with? This is when people choose online/mobile games as an alternative to other games. It cuts down the need for a partner, and you can easily access the game. In this article, we are discussing five reasons why you should consider shifting from offline rummy to online rummy games.

#1 Accessibility

Play anywhere you want

Accessibility is one of the major reasons why you should consider shifting from traditional rummy to online rummy. With online rummy, you can play online rummy for cash anytime you like, and anywhere you like. You have the freedom to be carefree as you can join the game whenever you have free time. You do not have to plan your game in advance, and you can enjoy the game anywhere! Just log in to your Junglee Rummy account and start playing!

#2 Multi-Device Compatibility

Multi Device Compatibility

At Junglee Rummy, we support multi-device compatibility. You can access the game from multiple devices such as a laptop or mobile devices. The best part is that you can switch from devices while you are playing. For example, if you are playing a game on your laptop and you want to go somewhere urgent, with Junglee Rummy, you can switch to your mobile device and continue the game. This is an amazing feature as it saves your cash game as you do not have to drop the game in such situations.

#3 Game Variations

Enjoy Game Variations

In online rummy, you can enjoy multiple game variants. This can be difficult in traditional rummy games as you cannot easily find people who are interested in learning new rummy variants. Junglee Rummy hosts a broad range of rummy variations like deals rummy, points rummy, pool rummy, rummy tournaments and 21 cards rummy. This offers you an amazing opportunity to learn new rummy variants. You can also practice these variations in our practice tables.

#4 Fair Gaming

Enjoy fair gaming experience

At Junglee Rummy, you can be sure of a fair gaming experience. We have all the regulations and certifications in place that is meant to offer you with a safe and fair gaming experience. In traditional rummy games, the chances are that you can get cheated like point miscalculations, shuffling, etc. We have a completely secure automated process that can offer you hassle free gaming.

#5 Bonus and Promotions

These are some of the words that are alien to offline rummy. In online rummy, you have the opportunity to redeem special deposit bonus that increases the monetary value of your deposits. Junglee Rummy hosts timely promotions so you can enjoy the perks of being a loyal rummy player with us. We also host daily freeroll tournaments wherein you can win cash prize for free!

So, if you haven’t joined our rummy portal yet, hurry up. Register with us and start playing rummy online today! If you have any queries on the services that we offer, please do let us know at [email protected]

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