5 Reasons Why You Should Hit the Cash Rummy Tables

Junglee Rummy offers players with an amazing platform where they can play and upgrade their rummy gaming skills. We host premium rummy games 24×7 and you can easily signup and start playing rummy immediately. Our practice tables are specifically designed for the budding players to play and learn rummy for free. Once you have the skill and confidence to upgrade to a cash rummy player, we help you make the transition super simple.

five reasons to play cash rummy games

There are many advantages of upgrading your Junglee Rummy account to a cash account which will allow you to play rummy online and earn money. Below are some of the major reasons why you should transform to a cash rummy player.

Cash Rummy Strategies

Once you start playing online rummy for cash, you will notice a change in your gaming strategy. You will be more vigilant in every moment of the game and you will think twice before making a move. You can implement advanced rummy strategies while you are playing rummy for cash. Junglee Rummy hosts all the major cash rummy variants including 21 cards and 13 cards variants. This allows you to be a pro cash rummy player online.

Expert Rummy Players

Almost all of the expert rummy players play at cash tables. You have the opportunity to share the table with professional rummy players online. You can learn the advanced rummy strategies by playing with other pro rummy players. Once you have the confidence you can slowly upgrade to the high roller table at Junglee Rummy.

Cashback Offers

At Junglee Rummy, we understand that losing a game and money can be devastating. This is why we offer our players with amazing cash back offers which reduce the impact of losing a game. We have cash back offers every week through which you can claim up to Rs.10,000.

Bonus and Promotions

We also have an amazing array of bonus offers and promotions lined up for cash players.  You can make most out of our daily promotions by upgrading to a cash player. We host timely promotions, bonus and tournaments where you can redeem amazing cash prizes and double your deposits. We also have an amazing welcome bonus where you get 100% bonus of up to Rs.2500 on your first deposit.

Exclusive VIP Tables

Another amazing speciality of Junglee Rummy is that we have an amazing VIP table exclusive for our cash players. If you love to play at the high roller table, you can join Junglee Rummy today and start playing big today!

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