Reasons Why IPL Fantasy Games are becoming Popular in India like Online Card Games

5 Reasons Why IPL Fantasy Games are becoming Popular in India like Online Card Games


With the Indian Premier League matches gripping the nation, it’s once again the time for cricket revellers to enjoy the fun and fervour of IPL magic. But, quite recently with the emergence of IPL fantasy cricket, entertainment has now found a new meaning – the digital way.

In these fantasy games of any sport, say, cricket, football or kabaddi you can form your own virtual teams with real players based on the players’ performance statistics. These virtual teams’ performances are dependent on the performance of the players in actual matches. Coming under the broad spectrum of online games, fantasy games are gaining popularity very similar to the best online rummy sites in India.

Read more to understand and appreciate the developments.

1. Online format

The digital version of the conventional games and sports like rummy and cricket has moved to the online format opening a plethora of opportunities to play and win. In fact, the digital format gives you the freedom from time and place restrictions like Indian rummy sites. Today, with the increasing smartphone user base, there is a growing need for mobile-centric entertainment. And digital games are a natural choice in this connection. With several genres of digital games being played, games like online rummy are establishing a strong foothold in the games market. With the advent of fantasy sports, the gaming scene is going to become highly competitive.

2. Enhanced user engagement

Rummy sites in India with its attractive features are able to provide enhanced user engagement. With 3D view of tables, seamless gaming features to enable switching among devices etc. have all contributed to enhanced user engagement. Similarly, in fantasy games, the feature to form your own team creates greater user engagement among the fans. A sense of being part of these games is more profound creating a stronger bond between the user and the game.

3. Games of skill

When you form your own fantasy team, it is a highly thought-out activity which involves your knowledge of the leading real players, their recent performances, the statistical data related to the matches played by them and your strategies to form your “dream team” that performs exceptionally well. Similarly, in best rummy sites card games like online rummy, your ability to observe, analyze and act to gain an upper hand over your opponents differentiate these games as skill games than mere online games.

4. Legal to play

Skill games like rummy are considered legal to play online including playing for money. Since, the Supreme Court declared such games as games of skill, winning at these games is not dependent on the chance factor of rummy players. Similarly, online rummy is absolutely legal to play in the country. You can even play cash games as your skills determine your winning status in these games.

5. Monetary rewards are motivating

Be it online rummy or fantasy games, one of the most important reasons for the online gamers getting glued to these games is the big money involved in these games as prizes. Being skill based, these games suitably reward your thinking and strategies with impressive cash rewards. Whether it is the promotions or offers of the online cash rummy games or the bigger prize amounts you are rewarded based on your score in fantasy games.

Final thoughts

As the conventional games are making way for their online versions, the digital platform is turning into an action-packed battlefield.

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