5 Rummy Strategies for a Better Game


rummy strategyAre you a player who is looking for best rummy strategy to win more games? Is your opponent making it really hard for you to get out of losing streak? We are here to help you by giving the advanced rummy strategies tried by the pros and legends.

Online Rummy Game Strategies

Aim on Pure Sequences: If you make a pure sequence out of your cards, rest assure, you are safe from those sum of all points of all cards if your rummy game opponent declares before you.

Get Rid of High Point Cards: Having high point cards can always be risky for your whole game. Get rid of them as soon as possible they are dealt. Holding on to them to make a meld will be risky as if your opponent declares before you.

Make melds out of Middle Cards: You can make sets and sequences out of the middle cards and this is the fastest approach to win a rummy game. For example, the middle card 5 can make sequences with 3,4,5 or 4,5,6 or 5,6,7. With this rummy strategy, you will be having more chance to win; furthermore, you will be able to eliminate the chances of ending up with so many points if your opponent declares.

Reducing the Points: If your opponent has declared before you, the best rummy strategy is to reduce the points by rearranging the cards in your hand. Moreover, if you are almost sure that you can’t win the hand in between the game, you can discard all the high point cards.

Drop Strategy: Don’t have a good hand? Don’t worry. Just drop out. If you drop out at the start of the game, you will lose only 20 points.

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