5 Secret Ways to Top Rummy Leaderboard Contests


If you were to choose your favourite rummy promotion, we bet it would be our rummy leaderboard contest! The thrill of chasing big money is way more exhilarating than winning in any other promotions. The prospect of snatching a bigger from the pool makes rummy leaderboard contests far more competitive and exciting to participate. And if you turn out to the ultimate topper, the whole prize pool can be yours!

rummy leaderboard

Winning in leaderboard contests sounds good! But how many times have you topped the leaderboard? If your trophy count is less, you might be missing out on using some of the secret ways on topping the leaderboard. And what are those secret ways? Learn them all – right here, right now!

Raise the Ante

Don’t expect to top the leaderboard by playing on small-limit tables! The stakes are high and everyone knows it – The more money you win, the higher will be your leaderboard points. So, hit the high-limit tables and double your leaderboard points by winning bigger amounts. Seize your opportunity at high-limit tables and take a massive lead on the leaderboard by winning huge amounts!

Check Your Score

Points matter the most in rummy leaderboard contests. So, you must stay updated and know where you stand in the contest. The only way to do this is by keep checking your score on the leaderboard. Don’t get too happy if you take the lead as others are actively playing to topple your position. The best way to avoid this is by checking your score on an hourly basis. If you miss your mark, play more and get back to the top positions.

Reload Your Bankroll

If don’t fill your kitty in time, you might miss a big opportunity to play your next match. Just like in Teen Patti games, if you don’t play with a big bankroll, you might lose out on winning the next match. Most of the rummy leaderboard contests have minimum deposit criteria. So, the best strategy would be to deposit a hefty amount and then start chasing the leaderboard score. In this way, you would never run of money and score big points on the rummy leaderboard!

Pick a Single Opponent

It’s all about time management in rummy leaderboard contests – You must be able to win bigger amount in the shortest time possible! The best way to do is would be playing against a single player. More players mean more time to finish. So, use your energy and time against a single opponent as the odds of winning faster are also higher.

Know When to Stop

Competing in a timed contest does mean that you keep playing continuously. You must know when to stop! If you start losing money in a row, you should stop chasing points and take a break. Real winners know when to stop; therefore, you should stop if you continue losing in a streak. Take a suitable break and start chasing points again. That’s the right way to top a rummy leaderboard contest!

Now that you know all the secret ways, join the upcoming rummy leaderboard contests and snatch a bigger share of the prize pool! Keep chasing, earn more points and top the leaderboard with a mega cash prize!

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