5 Ways to Beat your Opponent in Rummy Game


rummy gamesRummy is a card game which needs patience, skill and strategy. In order to win in rummy game, you might need to use all of experience playing rummy with friends, family and random players along with some strategy. As each player has got his own style of play, you might have to have a different strategy for each rummy player.

Mentioned below are the 5 ways to beat your opponent in a rummy game:

  1. While playing rummy game, never pick the discarded cards once they are thrown until the end of the run. If you do so, it will give your opponent an idea of your hand, making him block your sets or sequences.
  2. One of the ways to beat your opponent in rummy game is to be aware of the discards section. The discards section gives you hints on your opponent’s hand. If two Queens have already been discarded, you should get rid of the pair of Queens as they are not going to make a meld.
  3. Keep a note on what your opponent picks in rummy game. For example, if you have 7 of hearts and 7 of diamonds, and if you see your opponent picking an 8 of diamonds, you must discard the 7 of hearts first.
  4. In rummy game, discard the high value cards like King, Queen, Jack and Aces. This will help you to reduce your points if you have a bad hand of cards.
  5. Having high value cards in Rummy game at the beginning is also good as your opponent might discard the high point cards in accordance with the above tip. This will help you to create some melds with high value cards.

The above mentioned tips will give you an advantage over most of the players. But still, in order to master these rummy tips, you might need lots of practice. Try online rummy websites where you can play free rummy games with random players. www.jungleerummy.com offers its customers with both free and cash games. You can try your hands on practice games where you can improve your skills too.

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