5 ways to Entertain Yourself When Travelling Alone by Train


Travelling in public transport is an exciting way to commute to different places in India. The Indian railway is an enormous network catering to millions of people in India on a daily basis. If you have not travelled in the Indian Railways, it is high time that you made a trip. The journey is an amazing experience and comfortable (if you get a seat reserved 😉 )

Enjoy Your Train Journeys

I love travelling by train for more than one reason. It is comfortable, it is fast, and it has a unique charm and rhythm to it. If you love travelling by train, here are some ways in which you can entertain yourself while travelling along by train.

#1 Write or draw in your notebook

It is always a great idea to carry a notebook and some pen or pencils while you travel and unleash your creativity on the go! Nothing is satisfying than scribbling on a notebook. When is the last time you wrote something on a piece of paper? In an era of pen tablets and touchscreens, it is a nostalgic experience to scribble on a notebook! If you are good in drawing or writing, you can use this opportunity and make the most out of your train travel.

#2 Look out the window

If you are going for a long journey on a train, the chances are that you will be travelling through some exotic and scenic train routes in India. So, remember to look out the window and enjoy Mother Nature in her full glory! Some of the best scenic locations that you can travel in the Indian Railways are Konkan Railway route, Coastal Kerala route, Darjeeling Himalayan route, Nilgiri Mountain route and more!

#3 Play online rummy tourneys

Another exciting way to kill your time while travelling by train is to play rummy tourneys. At Junglee Rummy we have hourly freeroll tourneys, where you can play rummy for free and earn real cash. If you are interested in grinding in rummy games, you can try our exciting array rummy tournaments and win amazing cash prizes. You can download rummy game on your mobile devices and play it on the go. Keep your chargers and power banks handy and enjoy unlimited rummy fun in the train!

#4 Get work done

If you have some pending tasks that you need to complete, you can utilise this time to make the most out of your time. Most of the train coaches now are equipped with charging points, if your device needs more juice. This way, you can utilise your lone time to do something productive by focusing more on your work.

#5 Watch your favourite shows online

If you have Netflix, Hotstar any similar entertainment applications installed on your mobile devices, you can play your favourite TV Shows and movies online. Please note that you might run out of your batteries when your binge-watch TV series while you are travelling. Always carry an extra power bank and make sure that your devices are always charged while you are travelling. You can also watch YouTube videos or even listen to podcasts while travelling by train.

So, what is the best thing that you would love to do while you travel by train? Comment on how you love to travel India!

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