5 Ways to Introduce Your Friends to Rummy


Do you feel that your friends can nail the game of rummy? Let’s be real here: it can be a struggle to get your friends to engage in games like rummy, especially when they do not know how to play the game.

But the truth is that you can easily bring them to play with you! All you have to do is teach them in a  simple way how to play the game. So, grab your deck of cards and some snacks and start helping your friends learn this amazing game.

Here are some simple ways to engage your friends in the game of rummy.

#1 Throw a Rummy Party

The best way to introduce your friends to the game is to throw a rummy party! There is nothing more exciting than having your friends with you and playing rummy. So, invite them over and make sure that you grab some chips and drinks and enjoy a great game of rummy.

#2 Invite Your Friends to an Online Rummy Game

Another great way to engage your friends and hook them up to the game is to introduce them to online rummy. All you have to do is invite your circle of rummy friends to Junglee Rummy and everyone gets rewarded! This is the best method as everyone gets their fair share of rewards.

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#3 Send Your Friends Freeroll Invites

At Junglee Rummy, we hold daily freerolls (free-entry tourneys) and special festive freerolls. If you really want your friends to enjoy the thrill of online rummy games, invite them to a special freeroll! Everything is exciting when it’s free; combine it with rummy and Voila! Our special freerolls have limited seats and a restricted registration window. So, invite your friends to join Junglee Rummy and register for freerolls ASAP!

#4 Share Success Stories

If you have a rummy success story, all you have to do is share it with your friends and keep them motivated to try out the game. You can find testimonials and success stories on our site that are shared by our players. Just share them with your circle of rummy friends! This will surely help them to stay motivated to play the game.

#5 Ask Your Friends to Subscribe to Rummy Blogs

There’s oodles of rummy blogs like Junglee Rummy Blog that post regular posts related to the game of rummy. Ask your friends to subscribe to some major blogs. The upside to subscribing to rummy blogs is that you can keep yourself updated on all the latest promotions and tourneys organized on the site.

So, don’t waste any time; gear up and start inviting your rummy gang to Junglee Rummy now!

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