make your weekend worthwhile

5 Ways to Make your Weekend Worthwhile


Weekends are very close to our hearts. If they end up being some other day, life seems meaningless. You have probably worked hard all week to have an exciting and worthwhile weekend. The way you spend your weekend is directly proportional to the way you would be feeling in the coming week. Use the ways we have given below to achieve the only target you’ve in mind- doing something productive and relaxing during the weekend:

Stay Home & Volunteer

The entire world needs our help right now. During this weekend, volunteer to stay home and help the officials keep the pandemic under control. Trust us this is going to be super easy and you would be doing something great and meaningful for society. By staying indoors, you can volunteer to feed the needy- be it daily wage workers or the stray animals. There are a number of NGOs and fundraising communities that need your help & support. Find the one which meets your interest, call them and do your bit. At the end of the day, this will not just help others, but also give you a sense of satisfaction and joy.

Play Online Games

Online gaming industry is doing everything possible to keep you happy and high during this critical period. Games on Game Box, PCs and mobile devices are not just for kids but for adults also. Go to the Play Store or App Store and you will come across a variety of games available to play for people across all ages and interests. So, entertainment is not at your fingertips only.

There are a bunch of people who want to spend their time efficiently and thus prefer skill-based games. Online play rummy apps like Junglee Rummy gives you a chance to revisit the good old days and play your favorite card games like Deals Rummy, Points Rummy, Pool Rummy and even 10-card rummy. With various card game options, you can brush your basics by joining practice games and then moving to the real cash tables. Do give tournaments a try as they can help you get some quick cash in the pocket while getting entertained. It will be a complete package of both income and entertainment.

Also, Junglee Rummy app is absolutely free to download and hence you don’t have to worry about not the UI and all other things.

Meet Up With Your Friends

We always have the best time with our friends but who told you that you’ve to go out to meet them. Open your smartphone and within seconds they would be in front of you. Zoom into the good old days and talk about both the good and the bad. And, if you don’t have much to talk about, why not play some games like dumb charades while having those little chit chats.

Finish the Book

Reading is not just about passing time but adding more ideas and thoughts to your mind. If you can’t find your favorite book, don’t be disheartened as you can download the e-book and things would be just the same. Since long people’s habits have undergone a shift and they don’t read as much as they used to. But with podcasts coming in, people have started reading books too. This weekend complete your promise of finishing the book you picked last week, month or year. We strongly recommend reading as a great way to make your weekends worthwhile. 

Get a Professional Certificate

Online portals like Udemy and Coursera have worked as blessings for people who want to work but are short of time.  Now, you don’t have to visit a designated learning center to learn the things that interest you. You can easily enroll in any professional course and develop your soft as well as technical skill. Guess what, you can also learn a language and get certified for the same. The cost is easy on the pocket and gives you the liberty to learn at any hour.  

We hope you won’t struggle any further to have a productive weekend. The above mentioned 5 activities will help your weekend be something extraordinary other than just time away from work. Your weekends are precious and it’s now your time to make the most of them. By practicing one or more activity give yourself a relief from the five-day turmoil of the workweek

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