5 Ways to Top Rummy Leaderboard Contests


Rummy games have become more exciting than ever from the time it has gone online. With online rummy, players are getting more engaged as some promotions and contests require them to. While some websites launch daily promotions, some websites are famous for launching contests that runs for one whole month. These month long contests tests the endurance of the players and can even improve the rummy skills given they are playing with opponents of different levels and skill sets.

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In Junglee Rummy, one of the top rummy contests is leaderboard. To be a winner in this leaderboard contest, a player needs to be on his best and win as many points playing points rummy. Most often these leaderboard contests run only for two days and the winner is decided based on the points he has accumulated but in some cases, a winner can be decided based on the number of games he has played or the wagering generated.  If you are a cash rummy player with Junglee Rummy and were unsuccessful in all your attempts to win a rummy leaderboard contest, the 5 tips mentioned below may help you to turn around your fortune.

Play More – Playing more games has its own advantages. The first advantage being you can polish your skills which will help you in tournaments and the second being the amount of wagering will get raised based on the number of games you play and win. In rummy leaderboard contests, the points you accumulate is of high value and the number of games you play and win is a major deciding factor. If you are playing more games and winning points, you can be sure of ranking high on the leaderboard and by the end of the promotion a winner too. Playing more games in the promotion period gives you just more chances to win points which you should take advantage of if you are competing in time based rummy contests.

High Stakes Tables – High Stakes tables are a great way to wager more if you are competing in leaderboard rummy contest requiring high wagering. You can join any variant of the game but always look to join tables with high entry fee to make maximum wagering in the promotion period. The more you play on these tables; the possibility of you winning the contest will also rise. The other advantage of high stakes tables is the quality of players you are playing with. Most high stakes tables are filled with high quality players and you can be sure of a good match up even though you are not winning.

Rummy Game Variants – While playing to top the rummy leaderboard, you should be tactical enough to choose the perfect rummy variant also. As each rummy variant takes different amount of time to finish the game, considering deals and pool rummy variants for leaderboard contest is wasting your precious time. As most rummy contests are time bound, you should consider playing the fastest format, that is, the points rummy format to go up the leaderboard standings as fast as possible.

13 Cards and 21 Cards – Just like rummy variants, different game formats like 13 cards and 21 cards rummy can also decide your fate on the rummy contests. If you are taking part in rummy leaderboard contests, make sure you play a game format that requires less time to finish the game. 13 cards rummy is a simple game with fast gameplay compared to 21 cards rummy that requires you to make more than 2 pure sequences/sets. For being a rummy winner in leaderboard contests, you need to play as many games in as less time as possible and therefore, dumping the option of playing 21 cards rummy is a better idea.

Being Consistent – Rummy games requires you to invest your time to polish your skills as well as to win contests like leaderboard. By being consistent and playing on promo days, you can be sure of being on the race to top of the leaderboard as well as upgrading your skills for better and bigger rummy contests in future.

These 5 ways are guaranteed to bring a change to your fate on rummy contests. If you want to learn the advanced rummy strategies used by professional players here in Junglee Rummy, click here. We love to hear from our players. If you have any feedback or suggestion, post it in the comment section below or mail us at support(at)jungleerummy(dot)com.

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