5 YouTube Channels You Need to Follow


Everything that you need to know about in this modern world is on the internet, and on YouTube in video format. Today, YouTube is the second-largest search engine after Google. As 4G networks have become common in India, YouTube is slowly replacing television with videos that people can watch on laptops and mobile devices.

5 YouTube Channels you need to follow today

No matter what you’re interested in, you can almost always find a YouTube channel related to it. Here follows a list of YouTube channels that have featured us. Take a look.

#1 Shitty Ideas Trending (Hindi/English)

Shitty Ideas Trending is known for its creative approach to everyday situations with a slice of humor. Be it a relationship or friendship, you can find loads of content here. Recently the channel did a Game of Thrones spoof featuring Junglee Rummy. Have a look:

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#2 Be YouNick (Hindi)

Be YouNick has got a unique style in presenting their stories in video format. They focus on relatable daily troubles that we face in relationships and our day-to-day life. Their videos are sure to tickle your funny bone! The great team has also come up with an amazing video named Permanent Rummy Mates in association with Junglee Rummy. Here it is:

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#3 Paracetamol Paniyaram (Tamil)

If you understand Tamil, you must check out these guys! They are awesome and come up with amazing video content. A while ago, they collaborated with Junglee Rummy to create a hilarious video named Top Excuses Rummy Players Make, which turned out to be super funny! If you are a rummy player, you can relate to these situations for sure!

#4 Madras Central (Tamil)

If you are the one who fancies ‘top 10’ videos and mini web-series, you need to check out ‘Madras Central’ today! They post frequent videos on their channel, and they have more than 1.2 Million subscribers as of today. Earlier, they have featured Junglee Rummy in one of their video titled ‘Top 10 VIDEO GAMES Real Life vs Virtual Reality’, and Junglee Rummy came in number two! Here is the video:

#5 Junglee Rummy (English / Multi-Language)

Last but not least, subscribe to Junglee Rummy if you haven’t already! We host videos related to Rummy Strategies and other short web series related to Rummy. If you love playing Indian rummy on Junglee Rummy, visit our YouTube channel and check out some of our videos. You can find some of basic to advanced rummy strategy videos below:

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So, if you have enjoyed reading this article let us know in the comment section below. Also, let us know your favourite video among the ones listed above – Keep Playing!

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