Hacks a Rummy Player Should Know

6 Hacks a Rummy Player Should Know


Once you play rummy, you’ll always prefer playing rummy. That’s the effect of rummy. Players do not enjoy a game of rummy alone but come back to play more and more. With online 13 card game rummy, enthusiasts can enjoy the game at their convenience. People from all walks of life play rummy. Playing Rummy is truly a relishing experience in itself.

Here are 6 hacks a rummy player should know while playing online.

1. Know your skill level

When you start playing online, it is always good to be aware of your skill level. You may have been playing rummy using physical cards and may swear by your expertise. But, when you start playing online it is always good to go slow and steady. Understand the online rules and features of rummy sites better. Get yourself acquainted the 2D or 3D tables of 13 card rummy. It is highly recommended to start with free games no matter how big an expert you are in rummy.

2.Do not jump to play cash games

When playing 13 card game rummy, it is better to start off slow and practice perfectly before heading to the cash tables. In cash games, you not only have to be fast in your moves but make the melds in 2 – 3 moves. Expert players are menacingly good in their rummy skills. Alternatively, choose the games where the deposit amount is low. By this way, you gain experience, and the losses are also bearable if any.

3.Assess your opponents

All expert rummy player knows how important it is to assess the opponent of his/ her skill level and before deciding the game strategy. At times, in 13 cards rummy if your opponents are seasoned players, and you are dealt a bad hand, then you may drop the game. This is possible only when you have assessed your opponent’s skill in advance.

4. Keep a watch on the discarded cards

Like the traditional rummy, when playing 13 card game rummy, you need to keep a watch on the discarded cards. This helps you to guess the possible melds your opponents may be working on. The ‘Discards Section’ in online rummy comes in handy.

5. Play different variants

The more you play different variants of rummy, the better are your rummy skills. Most of the established rummy sites offer variants of 13 card game rummy such as Pools, Points and Deals. Switching playing between variants give you a wide experience and hones your skills.

6. Play Responsibly

It is your skills of concentration, memory, analytical reasoning and quick decision making that play a key role in defining your success in 13 card rummy. As a player, you need to play responsibly by knowing or setting your limits and never going overboard. Be it playing at cash tables or choosing to play big tournaments – let responsibility rule your decisions.

Play rummy more

Rummy is a game that guarantees total fun and entertainment. Play 13 card rummy online, know the game well and play rummy responsibly to savour unlimited enjoyment.

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