7 Mobile Apps Found on Everyone’s phone


There are millions of apps in both Apple and Google App Stores. Thanks to the ever-increasing interest in mobile apps and games, there is a spike in the number of users opting for portable devices rather than desktop apps. India has witnessed a tremendous increase in the number of smartphone users in the past few years. This growth has helped the mobile app industry to expand exponentially. Flexibility and ease of use can be regarded as the core reasons behind the growth in the mobile app industry. A recent study reveals that more than 52% of the time people spend on social media is through mobile apps.

Here, we are discussing some major mobile apps that are found on almost everyone’s smartphones today. We have tried to include all the popular category of apps that we use as a daily driver.

Here we go:

#1 Instant Messaging Apps

Instant Messaging Apps

These are the mobile major apps that we use daily. In fact, Instant Messaging apps are the one of the few apps that we open regularly. Remember how SMS was replaced with Instant Messaging apps like WhatsApp?

#2 Social Media Apps

Social Media Apps

These are the apps that most of us fall asleep browsing and wake up to its notifications! Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn and Snapchat are the must-have apps on everyone’s smartphones!

#3 Ticket Booking Apps

Ticket Booking Apps

We all love to book tickets impulsively! We plan stuff out of the blue, and this is the reason why most of us have ticket booking apps. Be it movies, flight or hotel; we have it all!

#4 Gaming Apps

Gaming Apps

We all love playing games, and we have at least one game installed on our smartphones. Most of us love to play classic Indian rummy, and we will have the rummy mobile app installed on our devices!

#5 Taxi-Hailing Apps

Taxi-Hailing App

This is another important app that many of the people will have installed on their mobile devices. Especially if you do not have a vehicle or if you are travelling out of town, taxi-hailing apps are the best!

#6 Banking Apps / E-Wallets

Banking Apps

Most of us have survived the aftereffects of demonetization with the help of E-wallets like PayTM and online transactions. Banking has become much easier with online banking apps!

#7 Utility Apps

Utility Apps

Apart from this, there is a multitude of utility apps that we use that includes Document Scanner, QR Code Scanner, Smart Remote and more!

These are the major apps that people find useful on their mobile devices. What do you think? Have we missed out anything more important? Do let us know in the comment section below 🙂

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