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7 Rummy Facts that will Bowl You Over


Love playing rummy? Then you are going to love this blog post because we are going to tell you a few facts about your favorite card game that will bowl you over.

So without wasting time let’s explore some fun facts about rummy.

  • Did you know that the highest margin win in a game of rummy was 500 points? Till today no one has been able to break that record and it still stands to this day.
  • According to a few people, Bridge and Pinochle have been derived from rummy and they consider rummy to be the very first card game that gave birth to all the other forms of card games that we play today.
  • More than 20 variations of the game exist today including the highly popular Indian Rummy, Gin Rummy, Kalooki and three thirteen. That’s a lot of popular variants, isn’t it?
  • Rummy is considered to be a game that encourages social bonding and a sense of community among its players.
  • It is believed that a game of rummy not only increases a person’s cognitive skills; it also makes a person smarter when it comes to analyzing people and reading their body language. This is possible because a game of rummy requires the player to study people’s gestures and expressions to be able to predict their gameplay.
  • Rummy is not a betting game and is hugely dependent on the skills of a player rather than luck which makes it very challenging and interesting both at the same time.
  • Due to its skill factor, the game is gaining more popularity all over the world and millions of players all over, play the game not only offline but online as well.

There you go, now go and wow your friends with these cool facts about rummy and bowl them over too.

Till next time. Keep playing… Keep winning!

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