7 Rummy Tips for Beginners


Much has been written on the advanced rummy techniques; let’s shift our focus to the techniques or tips for the beginners. After all it is a beginner who advances his skills to evolve into an expert rummy gamer. Beginners can capitalize the rummy tips section in our website which talks in details about the basic gaming techniques. We have a fully fledged tutorial section. If you haven’t checked out the Junglee Rummy tips, go ahead and take a look for a basic idea on playing rummy online.

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If you try harder, the learning curve for gaining experience to be an expert rummy player can be reduced. It is easy to get hold of the basics of Rummy. Below are some of the basic things you should take into notice while playing rummy.

Arrange your cards properly

Arranging the cards properly will give you a quick overview of the cards that you have. A properly arranged hand can be melded easily. Chances of accidentally discarding cards that you need are minimal in this case. If you arrange your cards properly, you also get an idea of the cards that you do not require. You can also arrange you cards in alternate red-black combinations so that you can easily differentiate the suit of the cards.

The best way to arrange the cards is to arrange from the left, starting with the pure sequences. You can meld the rest of the cards to the right. You can group the unwanted cards together and place it to the rightmost part as it is easy to discard them. Again it is your discretion on how to arrange your cards comfortably.

Remember Your Joker

You should always remember the Joker that is selected at random which is also known as wild card Joker. The beginners usually tend to discard the joker unknowingly, which is usually a great loss as the game advances. Another important thing you should note is that you should try to discard the cards that are of the same sequence and close to the rank of the wild card Joker. Chances are that you will not use those cards for melding.

Get pure sequence

While playing rummy, your utmost priority should be getting a pure sequence. A pure sequence is obtained by melding 3 or more consecutive cards of the same suit. It is important to make a pure sequence because it is the crucial meld for declaring a hand. Even if your opponent declares, having a pure sequence will help you to relieve the points.

If you have a wild card joker that can be melded as a pure sequence, you can use it as a normal card to meld a pure sequence. This can help you to reduce your points when someone finishes the game.

Discard high ranking cards

Always try to discard the high value cards first. After arranging your cards properly, you will know the cards that are of least significance in that particular game. You should discard the highest rank card from the list of unwanted cards first. This will make sure that your points liability is reduced even when someone makes a declaration.

Keep track of your opponent’s cards

Another rummy tip to keep in mind is that you should keep track of the cards that your opponents discard. If you are able to memorize the cards, you can make sure that you declare the cards the opponents are least interested in. This will also enable you to get an idea on the status of the cards that the opponent is holding. If the opponent is taking more cards from the open deck this means that he/she is in the verge of finishing the game.

Do not ignore the middle value cards

This is yet another important rummy tip. You need to value the middle cards because the possibility of melding those cards into sets and sequences are higher. It can get difficult to meld high value cards like Aces.

Drop your hand when needed

Dropping your cards is always not a bad idea. If you think that your opponent is in the verge of finishing the game, you can always drop the game. It is a wise decision to make if you drop the game if you are not able to meld the pure sequence and the game is in the final stages. You can also drop at the beginning of a game if you think you have a very odd hand. If you drop a game before making a move, you will be getting only a little point.

Hope you have enjoyed reading the article. So head to the practice tables and play some games to get a hold of it. If you have any queries on any of the rummy tips mentioned in this article please do let us know. We are happy to help you!

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