7 Things You Can Do with Your Smartphone Other Than Taking Selfies


About 90% smartphone users use their smartphones for browsing social media pages, clicking selfies and instant messaging in addition to calling! The truth is that you don’t need a powerful high-end device for these basic tasks. Yet, we try to get our hands on the latest models of smartphones. Here, we are discussing some features of your smartphone that you probably didn’t even know existed.

#1 TV Remote

Most of the smartphones come with an infrared sensor. There are mobile apps available that can help you unlock the feature to use your mobile as a remote to your TV, air conditioning, etc.

#2 Level Scale

Are you getting crafty? Or trying to get a picture on the wall perfectly aligned? You can use apps that transform your phone into a level scale. The app uses gyroscope and accelerometer already present in your mobile device.

#3 Portable Rummy Table

You can download the Junglee Rummy App onto your mobile device and use your mobile as a portable rummy table! You can play rummy any time, on the go: you don’t need a laptop or a deck of cards to play rummy but can enjoy the game on the go.

#4 Health Kit

Most of the smartphones these days come with sensors that can be used by the fitness apps on your phone. You can use fitness apps to keep a track of your health. Fitness apps guide you on work out and drive you to reach your health goals. So, you can give it a try.

#5 Smart Home

Some apps can convert your house into a smart home. You can use the IFTTT applets together with your smartphone’s sensors to make your home smart. You can switch off the lights and turn your computer on/off with the help of your smartphone!

#6 Product Scanner

Most of the products available in the supermarkets have a barcode or QR code. There are apps that you can install on your device to notify you of the best offers and promotions available online for your particular device. You can save money by using these types of apps and buying things and services during the promotions.

#7 VR Headset

With a cheap external accessory like Google Cardboard, you can convert your smartphone into a ready-to-access VR (virtual reality) headset. You don’t have to spend a huge amount of money to own a VR device. Enjoy the VR world with your smartphone today!

How many of the features on the list did you know about? Also, let us know what else you use your smartphone for.

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