5 Ways to kill time in an Airport


If you are not a frequent air traveller, the chances are that you reach the airport well before time. Especially if you are living with your parents, you have no other option than to leave early to the airport. And, the most annoying thing that you can do in your life is waiting. Admit it; we all hate waiting for a bus or a flight, especially if you are alone. And, when that last airport announcement rescheduling your flight, you will lose it!

Here we are discussing some creative ways in which you can spend your time in an airport without getting bored.

#1 Play Mobile Games

Gaming is the most optimal way to kill time while you are at the airport. Especially, if you are in for a long wait, you can have an awesome gaming experience by logging in to Junglee Rummy [obviously đŸ˜‰ ] and playing rummy! You can access our mobile compatible game and play free rummy games through your mobile data or by connecting to the free airport WiFi. It is your chance to win big while making some serious money while killing your time in the airport. Meanwhile, watch how you can escape stress with Junglee Rummy!

 #2 Take a ticket to the Airport Lounge

If you are in for a long wait, you can upgrade your travel experience and take a ticket to the Airport Lounge. If you have a Credit Card or Debit Card with Airport Lounge Access, great! You can enter the lounge for free. You can relax in the luxurious lounge with comfortable seats, Television and free WiFi depending on the airport.

Enter Airport lounge

#3 Do window shopping

Most of the airports have enormous shopping malls and duty-free shops associated with travel shopping. Head straight to these shops and spend all the time you want. You can have fun while window shopping, shortlist the items that you want to buy on your next trip. Enjoy the sample perfumes and body lotions that you can find in these shops.

Go window shopping

#4 Try out the global delicacies

You know that the quality of food in Airplanes is terrible for the most part. You can treat yourself with some good delicacies before boarding. Most of the airports have a broad range of options when it comes to food options. You can try out the global delicacies that otherwise would be hard to access while you are out. Most of the airports are expanding their food options, and this is an amazing opportunity for the foodies travelling!

Try out new food in airport

#5 Check your emails with the Free WiFi

Most of the airports in India have free WiFi features. You can utilise the free WiFi to check your personal and business Emails while you are waiting for your flight to arrive. Most of the airports require you to register with your email address to get temporary access to the internet. You can also use the charging hubs located in the airports to charge your mobile devices for the flight.

Check Emails

Hope this article will be helpful for all the travel fanatics out there! So, comment on what your idea of killing time in an Airport is.

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