Sandeep’s Trust with Junglee Rummy

7 Years and Still Going Strong: Sandeep’s Trust with Junglee Rummy


Sandeep runs his own business in Noida, and he has always loved playing rummy since he was in high school. Initially, he used to play rummy with his friends just to have some fun and never thought then that he would soon be taking his love for the game to an altogether another level.

It was in 2012 that Sandeep started playing online rummy and one day discovered Junglee Rummy while browsing through multiple gaming platforms.

The reason he chose us over others was that unlike other slow platforms, we are the fastest in responding and solving players’ queries, big or small.

He started his journey with a deposit of Rs. 100 and within a span of 2-3 months, he had already won Rs. 25000 to Rs. 30000, and got hooked to the platform due to the absolute transparency and fair gameplay that we offer.

Sandeep, like many others, loves playing the game, especially since it acts as a stress buster and helps him relieve stress after a hectic day at work and refreshes his mind, helping him focus better on important things.

Sandeep really appreciates our fast, automated withdrawal system, smooth lobby navigation, and our prompt 24X7 customer support, which he finds really helpful whenever he needs any assistance.

Sandeep is one of our star players – he has won a lot of tournaments, and he wants to give rummy players some insights into how to become a pro player.

His advice to new players is that if they get a good hand, they should continue enjoying the game but in case they get bad hands in succession, they should take a break and return later with a new strategy and calmer head to play real cash rummy.

Moreover, he believes that every new player should start with a small deposit and gradually increase the stakes once they have acquired the skills to face expert players as their opponents.

Sandeep feels very happy about having come across Junglee Rummy and wishes to continue enjoying thrilling online rummy on our platform by taking part in and winning many more tournaments in the future.

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