70’s Vs. Today – Junglee Rummy TV Commercial


Recently, we had launched the Junglee Rummy TV commercial which was hilarious to the core. Our TV commercial features two of the finest actors in the Indian film industry – Prakash Raj and Rana Daggubati. The commercial features the actors in a retro look. If you haven’t watched our TV commercial yet, here it is.

After the launch of our TVC, we have decided to make a compilation of the 70’s fashion and gadgets that were wiped out from our lives. This series is sure help you walk down the memory lane.

#1 Weren’t those sideburns so manly and sexy!

Junglee Rummy TV Commercial

The coolness of 70’s dudes were measured by the sideburns and the hippie hairstyle

#2 Here’s your 70s Shades of Coolness!

Junglee Rummy TV Commercial

Aviators are timeless!

#3 There was a time when “Size Mattered” even for Music Players!

Junglee Rummy TV Commercial

Those awesome moments when you headed straight to record the new songs in an old cassette!

 #4: Admit It!  We all loved Madhuri Dixit in those Saris!

Junglee Rummy TV Commercial

Miss those beautiful days!

 #5 Admit it! You have said “Kids these days…” many times!

Junglee Rummy TV Commercial

And these kids have some sense of fashion!

#6 Times have ‘Changed’ so that we can have Candies for a ‘Change’!

Junglee Rummy TV Commercial

Remember those days when we used to collect the change in our piggy bank!

#7 Thank God! We don’t need to Shuffle anymore!

Junglee Rummy TV Commercial

And think about holding the 13 cards in one hand!

#8 When the fridge was cuter than your GF!

Junglee Rummy TV Commercial

And you needed to close it slowly to see when the light went off!

We are sure that you this series of photos helped you to Travel back to the 70’s. We all miss those good old days! The new generation can also take a peek on how cool things used to be in the 70’s! So keep playing and have fun. Switch online and play rummy at Junglee Rummy now!


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