Some Advanced Strategies to Deal with a Bad Hand


The upside to rummy is that you can change the fate of your game with a good strategy and smart moves. Even if you are dealt a bad hand, you can turn the tide in your favor. In rummy, the odds of winning depend on how you play the game. If you can concentrate on the game well and judge the cards that your opponents are holding, you can easily have an edge in the game.

If you have a bad hand, the best strategy usually is to drop out of the game. By doing that, you will get only the minimum negative points and you could always win the next round. But here we are will talk about some strategies that can help you win the game if you want to take your game forward with a poor hand.

Bluff All the Way!

Did you know that you can bluff in online rummy games? Bluffing in rummy is all about making your opponents believe that you have a great hand and you are about to finish the game.

Please be advised that bluffing is not for everyone. It needs a tremendous amount of practice and you cannot consider this a fool-proof strategy. Here’s a quick video on how to bluff in online rummy:

#1 Estimate Your Opponents’ Cards

Before you go ahead with your strategy, you need to estimate whether your opponents have strong or weak hands. You can do this by analyzing their pattern of picking and discarding cards.

If you see that your opponent is relying mainly on the closed deck and is picking up random cards, you can conclude that he/she doesn’t probably have a good hand. Note that it is safe to drop your hand if you feel that your opponent has a strong hand. Else continue to step #2.

#2 Pick Cards from the Open Deck

When you know that your opponent has a weak hand, it’s time to start bluffing! All you have to do is pick up cards from the open deck more. This will leave your opponent confused and make them think that you have a really strong hand and they might drop out.

Always think that your opponent is smart and keep track of the cards that you pick while bluffing. You need to be consistent with the pattern of cards that you are picking from the open deck to be more convincing to your opponents.

#3 Discard Low-Value Cards

When you regularly pick cards from the open deck, make sure that you discard low-value cards. This will baffle your opponents and they might fold their hands.

Please note that these strategies work best when you are playing against a single player and when he has a poor hand.

At the end of the day, the outcome of the game depends on how you play your cards! Play smart and win big1

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