Some Advanced Strategies if you are Dealt with a Bad Hand

The upside of rummy is that you can change the fate of your game with smart and strategic moves. Even if you are dealt with a bad hand, you can change the game. In rummy, the odds of winning increases on how you play the game. If you can concentrate and analyze the cards that your opponents are holding, you can easily have an extra edge in the game.

Usually, the best strategy, if you have a bad hand, is to drop the game – This is a good strategy as you will get only the minimum points and you could always win the next round.

But, here we are discussing some strategies that may help you win the game if you are planning to take your game forward with a weak hand.

Bluff all the way!

Did you know that you could bluff in online rummy games? Bluffing in rummy is all about making your opponents believe that you have the best hand and you are about to finish the game.

Please be advised that bluffing is not for everyone. It needs a tremendous amount of practice and you cannot consider this as a fail-proof strategy. Below we are discussing some ways to bluff in online rummy. Here’s a quick video on how to bluff:

#1 Analyze your opponents’ cards

Before you go ahead with your strategy, you need to analyze whether your opponents have strong or weak hands. You can do this by analyzing their pattern of picking up and discarding cards.

If you see that your opponent is depending too much on the closed deck and he is picking up random cards, then you can conclude that he is not having a good hand. Note that it is safe to drop your hand if you feel that your opponent has a strong hand. Else, continue to step #2.

#2 Pick up the cards from open deck

At this point, you know that your opponent also has a weak hand. Now is the time to start bluffing! All you have to do is to pick up more cards from the open deck more. This will leave your opponent confused and think that you might have a really strong hand.

Always believe that your opponent is smart and always keep track of the cards that you pick. You need to be persistent in the pattern of cards that you are picking up from the open deck to be more convicting to your opponent.

#3 Discard low-value cards

When you regularly pick cards from the open deck, make sure that you discard low-value cards. This will build curiosity within your opponent and would be forced to fold his hand.

Please note that these strategies work best when you are playing against a single player and when he has a weak hand.

At the end of the day, it depends on how you play your cards! Play smart and win smart.

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