Advantages of Online Rummy

Advantages of Online Rummy over Traditional Rummy


With its online version available now, rummy has reached most of the rummy enthusiasts across the world. The game was traditionally enjoyed in India mainly at social gatherings and festive events just like that of teen patti. Most of you will know some of the advantages of online rummy are playing with random, unknown players, offers and bonuses.

As 13-card rummy became more and more popular, its new variants like Pool Rummy, Gin Rummy, Canasta Rummy, etc. came to existence. As the game became more modern, it became more reliable as the chances of unfair practices were minimized. Now with the advent of online Indian rummy, the possibilities of errors or unfair practices are negligible. Some other advantages of online rummy over traditional rummy are as follows:

Shuffling of Cards

In the case of offline rummy played with physical cards, shuffling is done by the chosen dealer. There might be expert shufflers but there is always a possibility that the cards are not shuffled well. So, a player can end up getting at least 25% to 50% of the same cards he or one of his opponents had in the previous game. The advantages of online rummy websites and mobile rummy include the shuffling of cards, the random picking of the Joker and the dealing of cards to players without any chance of an undue favor to anyone or a bias against anyone.

Handling of Points

In the traditional way of playing rummy, games were accompanied with beverages and snacks. There were spectators too who took great pleasure in watching games. At the end of each game, points were calculated and the winner was given a cash prize on the basis of the points. There was always a possibility of calculation errors due to the disturbance by loud spectators, effect of beverages, etc. Another advantage of online rummy is that now the player does not have to worry about calculation and calculation errors as it’s all automated.

Chat Facility

Rummy has always proved to be a great game for playing at social gatherings and reunions as it’s great fun. There were conversations and informal friendly exchanges too while traditional rummy was played. This part of traditional offline rummy has been replaced by chats on rummy websites. In traditional rummy, there were also times when spectators helped one of the players by revealing the cards of the other to him/her. This is not possible in online rummy even though we can chat with our opponents endlessly. That’s another advantage of online rummy.

To summarize, playing online rummy has many advantages over playing rummy with physical cards. You can enjoy thrilling games of rummy with more than five million players on Register now and get a Welcome Bonus. Play free games for practice and then switch to cash games and win huge cash prizes!

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