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Advantages of Playing Rummy in Junglee Rummy


Junglee Rummy is the fastest growing online rummy website. By saying the fastest growing we meant to say, Junglee Rummy gained more user base in India and abroad compared to other websites in just one year.

Why Junglee Rummy?

The players we have here in Junglee Rummy have some advantages that the players of other rummy websites can’t claim.

Customer Support: One of the basic things that have a key value in customer satisfaction is customer support.  We provide the best customer support when it comes to any issues regarding the gameplay, transaction and withdrawal requests. We have a team of online rummy experts here in Junglee Rummy who can support any query regarding only your rummy game issues 24×7. So, just mail us or call us and we will be on your service.

Game Interface: The game interface of Junglee Rummy is built in such a way that the player can make a move with minimum interferences. Now you don’t have to worry about pop up chat messages, game notifications etc. while you are playing. Moreover the 3D characters and table makes the game livelier.

Promotions: We bring new and exciting online rummy promotions every month that excites our player base.  Junglee Rummy rewards the best rummy players via the leaderboard promotions and special tournaments. The cash prizes ranges from Rs.25000 to 1 lakh. You can also try your luck with special Roulette and Slots promotion every month.

Rummy Bonuses: We offer cash bonuses to the players from the time they register. So, you can join the cash tables to win some tournaments from the moment you register. Moreover, we offer our players 100% up to Rs.1000 bonus on their first deposit. So, there is nothing to lose much when you play rummy games with Junglee Rummy.

To know more about how to play rummy and more on the advantages of playing rummy you can visit Junglee Rummy. Don’t forget to check out our other posts to know why online rummy is better than offline rummy. Let us know your experience with Junglee Rummy on the comment section below or by mailing us directly.

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