3 Advantages of being a Rummy Tournament Player


Rummy is a game of skill which has been ruling the Indian gaming industry for quite a while now. It is the most popular card game trending in the digital space. Rummy can help you in many ways including improving your cognitive function like your judgement, reasoning and computation skills. This is the reason why people playing rummy have higher level of confidence and improved social skills.

advantages of rummy tournament

There are many rummy lovers in India who are really fond of Rummy Tournaments. Junglee Rummy hosts daily tournaments from free roll to high roll rummy tourneys where you can play as much as you like. Rummy tournaments also help players in many other ways, some of the major benefits of playing rummy tournaments are discussed below:

The basics of playing rummy are pretty simple and the rules are easy to follow. But the most important aspect of playing and winning rummy is how you play your hand. The game of rummy is all about making the right move at the right time.  If you are a beginner rummy player you should spend more time playing practice rummy tournaments. Rummy tourneys can really help you to improve your gaming skills. You can upgrade yourself from being a practice table player to a cash player if you have gathered enough skills to beat your opponent.

Improve your skills

You can gain the benefit of improvising your rummy gaming skills if you play at the practice tables. But playing at rummy tournaments will help you polish your skills further to an expert level. There are many free roll rummy tourneys that are hosted in Junglee Rummy daily, you can enter those tournaments for free and start playing rummy with expert rummy players. These tournaments will help you mould into a professional rummy player and you have nothing to lose.

Playing rummy tournaments opens a wide window of opportunity for you to improve your gaming skills. Since a tournament has multiple rounds, you get to play with more hands in a limited time. By playing more tourneys, you will get to know some of the major hygiene factors while playing rummy. You will know when to quit the game and which cards to pick and what not to discard.

Improve your strategies

One of the major upside of online rummy is that it helps you connect and play with many expert rummy players miles away in real time. Playing rummy online will give you a vast exposure that no other traditional rummy event offers. You have access to play with a vast range of professional rummy players daily.

Rummy tournaments have multiple rounds in which you are playing with different players. This diversity in players will help you to analyze the gaming strategies of different players. You can learn from the strategies of players you think are the rummy pros. You can analyze and strategize your game play in the next rummy tournament.

Junglee Rummy offers a comprehensive tutorial on the advanced rummy strategies that you can always go through. Rummy tournaments are the platforms where you can try and practice those strategies on expert rummy players. So if you want to extend your skills and be a strategic rummy player, start playing tournaments now.

Prize Pool in Rummy Tournament

The real cash involved in online rummy tournaments are another important aspect of the game. You can easily gain some extra cash if you play in tournaments. You can take part in the free roll tournaments that are hosted in Junglee Rummy and get chance to win the prize Pool.

The interesting thing to note about tournaments is that the prize pool is fixed and you can be sure of the winnings. While in regular cash rummy tournaments the amount can vary in each hand. There are multiple tournaments that are hosted in Junglee rummy from low to high prize pool, you can get maximum prize pool with minimum entry fee if you play in a rummy tournament.

The opportunities are endless, the next time you see an amazing tournament while you browse our game lobby, register for a seat. The tournaments at Junglee Rummy are limited to specific number of seats, so make sure that you register for our tournaments in advance. Keep playing!

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