How to Analyse your Starting Hand in Rummy


Strategic thinking together with effective decision making is the key to winning in life. Same principle lies in the game of rummy. If you are able to make an excellent decision at the time you are dealt with the cards, you can be sure that you will be able to win the game. To make such a decision, you need to analyse the cards that your starting hand.

Starting Hand

The tricky part about rummy as compared to other card games like Teen Patti and Poker is that you are dealt with 13 cards rather than 3 or 2. You have to read the starting hand of 13 cards and their connection to make a decision whether you need to make the first move.

You can easily overpower your opponents if you use your analytical skills to calculate the odds. By closely monitoring and memorising the cards that are discarded and picked by the opponents, you can assume the cards your opponents hold. This way you can calculate the odds and have an extra edge in the game. You can also decision on whether to continue with the starting hand or fold your hand if you are able to read your cards. The scenarios of starting hands that you come across while playing rummy and their significance is described below.

The Dream Starting Hand

It is a rare possibility that you will get the ‘dream’ hand in which you can declare the game in the first move. The example of a perfect hand is when you have 2 pure sequences with 1 or more sets and more than one joker. If you come across such a hand, you can be sure that you can overpower your opponents in the first move.

The Perfect Starting Hand

You have all the right to be happy if you come across a perfect starting hand; that is a pure sequence with 1 or more sequences and more than one joker. This type of hand is similar to the dream hand and if you play efficiently you can win the game in a turn or two.

The Fine Starting Hand

The good hand is the scenarios where you have a pure sequence together with one or more jokers. You can be sure that you will have a good outcome from the game as you already have the pure sequence. You can strategically use the jokers to form more sequences or sets and win through the middle of the game.

The Average Starting Hand

The hand can be considered as average if you only have a pure sequence with no jokers. This can be a bit hard as compared to the other hands. You will have to execute the game strategically to overpower your opponents in this type of hand. If you are an expert in implementing rummy strategy and techniques, you can easily win the game with the average hand.

The Mediocre Starting Hand

The Mediocre hand is the scenario when you do not have no pure sequences and jokers. It is advised to make a fair decision by folding your cards before making move. If you are really experienced professional player, you can continue to play by calculating the odds and finding relations of the cards you are deal with. There are professional rummy players who can win the game with mediocre of hands.

So next time you are dealt with a hand, before making a move make sure that you analyse your cards. Know when to fold your cards! Keep playing at Junglee Rummy and let us know your queries on our games at [email protected]

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