Annoying Questions Asked to Rummy Players

6 Annoying Questions That Rummy Players Often Get Asked


Baap re! Aap internet pe rummy khelte ho?” (Eng: Oh my god! Do you play rummy online?)

Maine suna hai players ka kaafi nuksan hota hai rummy khel kar.” (Eng: I have heard that players playing rummy games incur huge losses.)

Online rummy mat khela kar. Maine suna hai ki woh fraud hai.” (Eng: Do not play rummy online. I have heard that it is a fraud.)

If you haven’t heard any of these phrases at least once after mentioning that you play rummy online, consider yourself lucky. Despite being extremely popular, online rummy has many preconceived notions and myths surrounding it, which make people, especially those who don’t know how to play rummy, hesitant to try it out. Sadly, most of these myths come from individuals who have never played the game online even once. 

But rummy is none of those things. In fact, it is more fun than you can imagine. While you can try and convince some people to change their minds, others will continue to make several assumptions and hold prejudices about the game. You might even be criticized for your defense of the game and get asked more annoying questions in return that may push your buttons. 

We have collated a list of annoying questions that rummy players often get asked, along with our reaction to these questions. 

  1. Rummy kya hota hai? (What is rummy?)
  1. Rummy aur poker ek hi toh hai na? (Aren’t rummy and poker the same game?)
  1. Rummy me jeetna toh bas kismat ka khel hai. (Winning in rummy is all about luck.)
  1. Online rummy khel kar dimag kharab nahi hota? (Don’t you lose your mind while playing online rummy?)
  1. Online rummy khelna legal hai? (Is it legal to play rummy online?)
  1. Rummy khel kar bohot paisa haar gaye na? (You would have lost a lot of money by playing rummy, right?)

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