Junglee Rummy Testimonial

Anuradha Ramnarayan Trusts Junglee Rummy’s Secure and Unbiased Platform


Anuradha Ramanarayan is a graduate from Delhi University, and she teaches Mathematics, which is both her passion and profession. She was introduced to rummy by her father when she was a teenager and has been playing ever since.

She, along with her brothers and sisters, would join her dad for a game of rummy during holidays and learn how to play rummy They would play the game to spend some quality time together and have some fun along the way.

Talking about her dad, who introduced her to the game, Anuradha says that he was an expert rummy player and had good ability to estimate what cards his opponents had, which made it incredibly challenging to win against him.

However, that is precisely what helped her master the game, i.e., losing to her dad and picking up skills and strategies along the way. After she got married and moved to Pune, her husband introduced her to online rummy and encouraged her to play online rummy game.

And thus began her journey with Junglee Rummy. Today, she is one of our most enthusiastic players who vouches for Junglee Rummy’s integrity and honesty.

She started playing with Rs. 100, and playing on Junglee Rummy she realized soon that the platform is completely unbiased and everything, including the shuffling and distribution of cards, is absolutely random and there’s no scope for cheating whatsoever.

Moreover, she says if it so happens ever that her money gets stuck due to a glitch– which is very rare — it is refunded into her account soon and that is why she feels that it is safe to play on Junglee Rummy — you don’t at all need to worry about your money being deducted by mistake.

She has realized that the chance of an error on Junglee Rummy is next to none and therefore, she has decided to stick to the platform for her rummy gaming instead of taking a risk by playing elsewhere.

Anuradha Ramanarayan is just one of the millions of happy players who play online rummy on Junglee Rummy every day. Join Junglee Rummy now and become part of India’s most trusted rummy site!

Keep playing, keep winning!

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