Are you the Bernie Sanders of rummy

Are you the Bernie Sanders of rummy? Find out here!


January 20, 2021 was a very important date in the history of America as Joe Biden was sworn in as the 46th president of the United States on the day and Kamala Harris was sworn in as the first-ever woman vice president of the country. But it was neither Joe Biden nor Kamala Harris who stole the show at the swearing-in ceremony. We are not talking about the performances by the Grammy-winning singers Lady Gaga and Jennifer Lopez either. It was the US Senator from Vermont, Mr. Bernie Sanders, who became the talk of the town. Mr. Sanders showed up at the ceremony wearing a puffer jacket, a mask and a pair of large, fluffy mittens that attracted quite some eyeballs. It was not only his appearance that made the headlines. It was his aloof behaviour during the entire ceremony that went viral across the social media platforms. One of the media personnels present at the ceremony clicked his picture and then the rest is history. 

Bernie Sanders has had a lot of meme-worthy moments in the past. However, the mittens meme will stay with us forever. The netizens, at their creative best, edited the picture, depicting Bernie in various scenarios. Many Hollywood and Bollywood celebrities also joined the bandwagon and shared their version of the meme. Needless to say, it was not less than a laughter riot. We decided to finally tune into the meme fest and share our creative version of the Bernie Sanders meme. You may be wondering how the meme could be related to online rummy. Believe it or not, the picture depicts some characteristics of certain types of rummy players too. Let’s find out if you are a Bernie at rummy tables!

Lack of Interest and Aloof Behavior

One of the reasons why Bernie’s picture did not take time to become an online sensation is his indifferent attitude and aloof behavior during the presidential inauguration. It is a well-known fact that he was contesting the election along with several other candidates. However, Joe Biden was chosen as the presidential candidate of the Democratic Party and eventually won the election to become the 46th president of the United States. Bernie was invited to the ceremony and he showed up in his most iconic avatar ever. He stayed low-key and even seemed to doze off during the event. You may come across many players like Bernie when you play rummy. A lot of players join the tables and play only one or two moves and then either drop out or continue playing in a manner showing lack of interest. Rummy should be played with focus for healthy entertainment. 

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Being Distracted

It is clear from the picture that Bernie remained absent-minded for most of the ceremony. No wonder he was dozing off during the event! A lot of players also remain absent-minded at rummy tables or play the game with a distracted mind. This should be avoided, especially when you are playing for real money. Rummy demands focus and attention to create sequences and sets. If you do not focus on the game, it can be  difficult to group cards and create the required combinations. Do not engage in a game of rummy when you are distracted or cannot seem to focus. If you are having trouble concentrating, you can take a small break from the game and come back when your mind is clearer.

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Irrational Actions

When asked about the trending meme on him, Bernie responded by saying that he was trying to stay warm and pay attention to what was happening. This explanation was not convincing enough for the netizens. Just like Bernie, some players forget that they are part of the game and get so lost in observing the game of their opponents that their own game gets affected. They always discard cards at the last moment and sometimes even get dropped out of the game after missing three consecutive turns. If that’s what is happening to you, we suggest you take a break. Observe things from a distance. Try to play practice games for some time. Join cash tables when you are not distracted and are in the right frame of mind to play.

The Bernie Sanders meme has left the entire world in splits. Though we hopped on the trend a little late, we tried to put our best version of the meme. So do you relate to Bernie at rummy tables in any way? If you do, don’t let your game become meme-worthy. It’s never too late to change your gaming style. Put your gaming gear on and start playing at our practice tables to [email protected] your skills. When you feel confident, you can start playing cash games and tournaments. You can participate in our ongoing Valentine’s Day Tournament right now and win exciting cash prizes. Download the Junglee rummy app onto your smartphone and get a welcome bonus up to ₹5250! Happy gaming! 

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