Wondering If Rummy Is a Game of Skill

Are You Wondering If Rummy Is a Game of Skill?


You must have come across several advertisements on television and social media channels saying play rummy, win real cash. A lot of card lovers start playing immediately without even thinking about the special skills they have or need to excel at the game. There are misconceptions about rummy being a game of chance or that you need good luck to win. Today we will bust all the myths about rummy and talk about why rummy is a game of skill.

A Game of Strategy

To win a game of rummy, you need a strategy. In the online rummy game, you are dealt 13 cards using which you’re supposed to make the necessary sequences, or sequences and sets, while discarding unwanted cards. You pick and discard in the process, which requires great planning, observation, and strategy. If you’re unable to make the required sequences and sets, you must arrange the cards in a certain pattern that gives you a minimum score. You need great intelligence and strategies to reduce the score and win. As strategy is needed at every step of a game of rummy, it is clear that rummy is a game of skill.

Use of Memory

A game of rummy requires great observation as well as retention powers. The game of rummy is usually played with two decks and each deck has 52 cards plus a printed Joker. A wild Joker is selected randomly. To track and memorize the movement of all the cards in a game, a player should have a great memory. Playing rummy helps you to learn to observe things.

Critical Reasoning to Move Ahead

Critical reasoning and thinking is a must to win a game of rummy. You must conceptualize, analyze, and build a strategy to create a successful hand. While doing all this, you train your mind to think critically and evaluate all the possible consequences. Online rummy games are time-based and require quick decision-making skills. You need to be fast to formulate everything in your mind and make decisions while picking and discarding cards. Critical reasoning is one of the prerequisites for the decision-making process. The steps involved in a game of rummy require the use of your mental abilities.   

You see, the result in a game of rummy depends on the skill and expertise of the player. You need to arrange cards in a certain way to turn them into a winning hand. The game requires you to actively use your brain at every step. So it’s obviously a skill game, not a game of luck or chance. 

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Happy gaming!

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