Beat Your Opponent at Rummy with These Simple Tips


Rummy is a game that requires skill, patience and a clear strategy to win. And, no two players are the same, as each player has a different approach to the game and a different playing style.

So, how do you decide the best approach to winning and beating your opponents at rummy?

Here are a few simple tips to help you adopt the best approach to face your opponent.

  • Make sure that in a game of rummy, you do not pick up any of the discarded cards till the very end of a set or sequence. If you pick cards from the open deck, there are high chances that your opponent will get an idea of the cards in your hand and block your sets and sequences from being formed.
  • One of the best ways to defeat your opponent in a game of rummy is to pay close attention to the discard section. It will help you figure out your opponent’s game better. For example, if two Kings have been discarded already, you can also get rid of your undesired Kings, as your opponent is unlikely to make a meld using them.
  • What your opponent picks is vital to understanding their game better. For example, you have the 7 of Diamonds, and your opponent picks up the 8 of Diamonds. You should avoid discarding the 7 of Diamonds. It will block your opponent’s set from being formed.
  • If you have a bad hand, try discarding high-value cards like the King, Queen, Jack, and Ace at the earliest to reduce your points.
  • Having high-value cards at the very beginning in a game of rummy is good since your opponent might decide to get rid of their high cards to save points. Use the opportunity to create your melds using the discarded high-value cards.

The tips above will help you get an advantage over most players. However, we recommend that you check our tutorial section to learn rummy game rules better and improve your game.

Until next time…

Keep playing, keep Winning!

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