Millionaire 2 Crore Series

Beat the Heat with the Millionaire 2 Crore Series


Summers have officially started and nobody wants to step out. Staying indoors doesn’t mean compromising the entertainment quotient. To help you beat the heat in a much sizzling way, we are here to introduce you to an exciting online rummy tournament running on Junglee Rummy- India’s most trusted online rummy site. Let’s keep the buzz alive by participating in the season’s biggest and most exciting online rummy tournament– the Millionaire 2 Crore Tournament Series.

This mega rummy championship commenced on 13th April after the successful culmination of the Junglee Rummy’s flagship tournament, Rummy Royale. This series created much hype and received the participation of 46 lakh players. The ongoing Millionaire 2 Crore Tournament series is a leaderboard based tournament and the top 200 players will get a chance to compete with India’s most skilled rummy players on 26th April. The Grand Finale has an extravagant prize pool of 50 lakhs and hence going to be the perfect thing to indulge in this hot season.

Junglee Rummy is a pioneer in organizing Leaderboard based tournaments. If you’re still new to the card games online like our rummy cash tournaments on Junglee Rummy website and app, here is a detailed stepwise description of the same:

Step 1: Play any tournament from 12th April post 09:30 PM to 24th April to earn leaderboard points.

Step 2: Participate in the Millionaire 2 Cr. Tournament Series 2020 Daily Finales to get leaderboard points and win tickets to the Mega Finale.

Step 3: Winners of Millionaire 2 Cr. Tournament Series Daily Finales will get tickets to the 10L Mega Finale.

Step 4: Additionally, play the Millionaire 2 Cr. Tournament Series 10L Mega Finale to score more points and also win the Grand Finale 50L tickets.

Step 5: There will be a surprise event held at random where you can win direct entry tickets to the Mega finale. Don’t miss out.

Step 6: The more you play, the more leaderboard points you earn. Top 200 players on the leaderboard will win tickets to participate in the Millionaire Tournament Series Grand Finale worth Rs. 50 Lakhs!

Trust us, it’s super easy and fun. To keep your mind active during the lazy summer days, Millionaire 2 Cr Tournament Series will be your perfect companion. Also, if you want to know how to keep track of your points, here’s a way to quickly calculate them:

A. Any Free-Entry Tournament: (Entry (1 Pt)+ Equivalent prize points for the winning amount)/10

B. Any Cash tournaments: (Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

C. Millionaire Daily Qualifiers: 3*( Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

D. Millionaire Daily Finale 1L: 4*( Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

E. Millionaire Daily Finale 50K: 4*( Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

F. Millionaire Surprise Finale 50K: 4*( Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

G. Millionaire Mega Finale 10L: 5*( Entry Fee equivalent points + Winning amount equivalent points)/10

In short: Freeroll Points + Cash Tournament Points + Series Daily Finale Points = Total points of the user

Now, you have all the details and steps to participate in this thrilling tournament. Don’t wait for anyone as seats are filling fast and every game matters. Start playing now to increase your score and take home the grand prize of 50 lakh rupees.

This is an incredible chance for everyone who knows rummy rules and how to play rummy. Don’t just sit at home, achieve your gaming 2020 goals by competing with the most proficient rummy players of the nation.

If you have any doubt or question feel free to comment below or write to us at [email protected] or call us at 1800-572-0555 (10:30 am – 7:00 pm on Weekdays).

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